The President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, will be retiring from his position after 27 years working for the company. House began his long tenure at Sony in 1990 and would go on to help popularize the PlayStation brand throughout the years. Originally co-CEO of SIE, he gained the full position when Kaz Hirai was promoted to CEO of Sony back in 2011.

House was a frequent speaker at Sony E3 press conferences, including the recent partnership between SIE and Kojima Productions for their new exclusive title, Death Stranding for PS4. In a report by GameInformer, House will remain a chairman for the rest of the year until his successor, John Kodera takes over the position.

Responsible for the popularity and massive success of the PS4, House went on to make several of PlayStation’s services successful, focusing much of his work on the PlayStation Network. PSN currently has 70 million active users.

[PlayStation] has been a huge part of my life for more than 20 years but with the business having achieved record-breaking success, now seemed to be the right time for me to pursue new challenges.

John Kodera who will taking over, joined Sony in 1992, working for the audio unit, until he transferred to Sony Electronics Inc. in 1998, where he worked on multiple projects throughout his career on mobile products. In 2013 Kodera was promoted to president of Sony Entertainment International, where he helped the PSN launch networks like Playstation Music and Playstation Vue.

It’s a great honor to take on the role of president and CEO, SIE, and I’m very grateful to Kaz and Andy for the trust and faith they have shown in me.

House will also be remembered for pioneering the launch of Playstation VR for the PS4, which has launched to successful sales.

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