The Square Enix press conference took place today, and a lot of games were covered during it. One of the most anticipated games from the conference though, was the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Here is an analysis about it.

The conference began with a screen showing a menu from the original FF7. It read New Game, Continue, and Remake, and when the Remake title was selected, the screen went black and a teaser trailer started. The trailer showed us shots of Aerith and Cloud in Midgar. After that, Yoshinori Kitase (FF7 Producer) had entered the stage and the crowd applauded. After thanking the fan-base for their support, he commented “Remaking Final Fantasy 7 has allowed us to dive much deeper into the world and its characters than ever before. The game design was optimized for this title as well, and we anticipate two blu-ray discs worth of gameplay content. The first game in this project expands on the story of Midgar, and is such an elaborate retelling, that it has become a solid standalone game in its own right.”


After this, Neal Pabon (Senior Manager, Product Marketing of Square Enix) entered the stage. He had begun to walk the audience through some PS4 game-play in Midgar, whilst commenting on several aspects of it. “Final Fantasy VII remake features a hybrid game-play system that merges real time action with strategic command based combat.” He then confirmed that the X button prompts a swing from Cloud’s sword. “Cloud attacks, dodges, and blocks all in real-time.” It can also be seen that the triangle button can enable the Punisher Mode, Circle is to Evade, Rt is to Guard, Lt is to show Command Shortcuts, and R3 is to Lock On. After that. he introduced the ATB function, which can slow the game down to the previously mentioned strategic command based combat. “Two ATB bars are displayed in the bottom right. These fill up slowly over time, but fills much faster as Cloud lands his standard attacks.” He then comments, “once the ATB bars are full, you can enter tactical mode, where time slows to a crawl. And you have the opportunity to choose actions from the command menu.” These include the abilities, spells, and items.

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He also confirmed that using an item during a battle will lower an ATB charge. “If Cloud has right materia equipped and enough mp, he can ATB charges to cast spells.” Later, he confirms that Barrett is also playable, and he can lock onto enemies with his gun arm. Barrett also has similar functions to Cloud, but his abilities are completely different. It is also confirmed that you can swiftly rotate between party members during game-play. Later he mentions that, “Every enemy has a focus gauge that fills up as you do damage. When the gauge is full, the enemy becomes staggered, and you’ll deal bonus damage.”


After the walk-through, Square Enix showed some game-play of Cloud and Barrett fighting a Scorpion Sentinel. Then, Tetsuya Nomura (FF7 Remake Director) entered the stage, and announced that a demo will be playable at the Square Enix booths at E3. After that, a longer version of the trailer from the Final Fantasy Concert was shown. The trailer provided us with a look at some nostalgic characters, but most importantly, offered a release date. Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on the 3rd of March 2020, and it is available to pre-order now.

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