Aliens are invading Arma 3 in the newest spinoff expansions and it’s now available for you to buy! Titled Arma 3 : Contact, the spin off expansion features plenty of new weapons, vehicles, and terrian to explore.  A strange anomally has been uncovered in the fictional country, Livonia and You play as a drone opperator deployed on a mission to do reccon on the mysterious entities being documented. The expansion offically released yesterdayand there’s plenty of newly added material and features you can expect to find!


Several new weapons have been added to the game with the release of the new expansion. These five new guns are sure to deal a deadly amount of damage to anyone and everyone who stands against you (unless you’re me)!

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Here’s a list of all the new guns in the game:

  • Promet Assault Rifle
  • RPK-12 Light Machine Gun
  • AKU-12 Carbine
  • Mk14 Classic Hunting Rifle
  • Kozlice Shotgun.



Two brand new vehicles have been added along with the expansi0n! One hightech mini UVG and a rusty, old, beaten down tractor! the mini uvg is actually kind of awesome.

Here’s the official description : “This small tracked electric robot is built to traverse complex terrain, and can transmit a live camera feed so that its operator can remotely assess the situation. Wielding its multi-joint swivel arm, the UGV’s two primary uses are CBRN Defense and Explosive Ordnance Disposal. The Science variant, the ED-1E*, is essentially a driving laboratory with sensors, a sampling laser, and a biopsy probe. For military use, the ED-1D variant comes prepared with a mounted disruptor shotgun; ideal for demining operations and close encounters.”

Let’s all shift our focus to the tractor ( and oh boy is this tractor packing a serious arsenal of weaponry!). Well to be honest; its just a tractor… but i mean, it’s still cool I guess. In all seriousness though, the tractor is actually a returning vehicle from Arma 2 which was released on the 17th June, 2009. So… that’s something right?

I’m definetly more interested in the Mini UVG and I can’t wait to see how it sees utilization in combat.

Factions : LDF and the Cold Army!

Two new factions have been added to the game. The Livonian Defence Force (LDF) and the Russian Spetsnaz. each faction has also recived some new character faces and radio protocols. Which side are you going to side with? Personally, I’d love to side with the little alien boys and anime cat girls I rescued from Area 51.


Some new gear has been added to the game too and some of it is pretty crazy because… well you’ll see.

Here’s the list:

  • The Spectrum Device
    • A multi purpose handheld electronic device. The Specrum Device can anaylse electromagnetic signals and with an interchangable attena you can use this tool for all your jamming and deception purposes. Electronic warfare has never been more fun and easy.
  • CBRN
    • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear defence which come in a variety of colours and camos. I think a nice mustard gas yellow and a calm hazard label red are in this season.
  • Radio Pack
    • All electronic specialists are going to want to snag a radio pack quickly if they plan on communicating over long distances and radioing for backup!
  • Blindfold
    • It’s a blindfold. what? you want a joke? uhhh. my name jeff.
  • Tin foil hat
    • The aliens are here and they want to take over your mind! I knew raiding area 51 would end in WW3, although it was all worth it just so we could get minecraft 2. Protect your thoughts from the aliens (and maybe the government ) with a trusty tin foil hat!

Conclusion time

That’s it for all the new items and vehicles added to the game. Arma 3 : Contact is turning out to be rather interesting and i cant wait to see what the community does with all this new content. I hope you found some use from this article. Now soldier, put on your tin foil hat and go fight those aliens because who else will?! For all you non soldiers, stay awhile and check out some groovy articles at Culture of Gaming or check out some of my other articles by clicking here and don’t forget to comment down below!


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