Publisher Wargaming has announced that famous hockey player Alexander “Ovi” Ovechkin will be in World of Warships as a commander. The trailer itself showed a live-action reel of Ovi shooting at a hockey goal and repeatedly missing before finally “earning his greatness” and scoring a goal. Whether hockey is related to warships, you be the judge, but this is a significant partnership for Wargaming regardless.

In Wargaming’s home country of Belarus (which borders Russia), ice hockey is a much bigger deal than it is over in the US, Australia, or even England. So considering that Ovechkin is one of the NHL’s most famous and highly regarded players, and he used to be the captain of a Russia-based hockey team, there’s little doubt that this update will go over well in Eurasia.

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World of Warships cover image

Some details on World of Warships

World of War Machines, if you’re unfamiliar, is a naval-themed free-to-play MMO. You play as one of four different vessels (destroyer, cruiser, battleship, and aircraft carrier), and explore a limited geographical map. The gameplay is primarily team-based – you communicate with your friends to plan out attacks on the opposing force. As you continue, you equip your ship with tactical advantages and upgrades like camouflage and signals. The more you fight, the more your commander levels up, and the more powerful you become.

There haven’t been any details on what perks the Ovechkin commander will bring to the table. However, Wargaming has promised they will announce more information in the next few days. For more information on World of Warships and Wargaming’s other popular MMO’s World of Warplanes and World of Tanks, you can check out their site here.

For more NHL hockey video game action, be sure to check out our review of last year’s NHL 18. And of course, for everything else gaming-related, always stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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