The live action remake of Aladdin got its first trailer showing off what the movie will look like. Showing a quick shot of the desert and Iago flying over Agrabah, the trailer gets the nostalgia flowing. We also get out first look at the Cave of Wonders and hear its proclamation that only a diamond in the rough may enter. Personally, that part got my arm hair to stand up. The end of the trailer also shows our first look at Aladdin reaching for the Genie’s lamp to an orchestra version of “Friend Like Me”. This is a good trailer for 90’s kids like me to get excited for this movie. A notable omission from the trailer, though, is the Genie who plays such a pivotal role in the story. We should almost surely expect to see him in a future trailer.

The trailer can be viewed below.

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Aladdin is directed by Guy Ritchie. Mena Massoud plays everyone’s favorite street rat, with Naomi Scott playing Princess Jasmine. WIll Smith takes the part of the Genie. Disney fans can mark May 24th, 2019 as the day the film hits theaters.

How do you feel about the trailer for Aladdin? Are you a fan of the cartoon eagerly awaiting the new adaption? Are you against Disney’s movement to remake their most beloved franchises? Let us know in the comments!

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