Age of Calamity Hyrule Warriors: Speculating Characters

It isn’t too often that you see a sequel to a spin-off happen. And even less so when you consider one of those sequels happened to be for Hyrule Warriors. In collaboration with Koei-Tecmo, we are diving back into the world of Zelda with what’s looking to become the prequel of Breath of the Wild simply called Age of Calamity.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is set to give us a look at Hyrule before Calamity Ganon tore it apart. While we may know how this fight will end, we will get to see Zelda, Link, and the Four Champions fight against an overwhelming force.

It will be quite fascinating to see the story play out alongside if there could be any particular hints at the upcoming sequel too. And with the game coming later this year, what better way to pass the time than to figure out if we could see more playable characters show up. It might not have an as expansive playable roster as the original, but if we were to focus solely on the world of Breath of the Wild, it would be fair to assume that we could see a sizeable roster. Who could we see pop up? Let’s speculate.

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So for a game that takes place 100 years after they lost, there sure are a lot of Sheikahs who are still alive. And if we take that into consideration, it could be possible for us to see three unique playable characters come out of it. Even within the Champion’s Ballad DLC, we got to actually fight the Sheikah Monk, Maz Koshia, and how dangerous that fight was. Who knows if we would see an original Monk or this specific monk in Age of Calamity, but it does show that we could possibly see a lot of playable Shiekahs.


Just subtract 100 years and we're set.
Source: Breath of the Wild

So let’s get the obvious one out of the way. This isn’t to say Impa from Breath of the Wild is going to play exactly as Impa from Hyrule Warriors, but there’s a good chance we could see her playstyle carry over while adding in her own unique flair. The big thing to consider about Impa’s role in this timeline is how she was an advisor to the royals at the castle and a kind of “wait and see” person. Still, this could mean we could see a younger Impa who still has a giant blade and Naginataat.


Funny how we have to go to the past to see her older self.
Source: Breath of the Wild

The older sibling of Impa, we have Purah. If Impa is the one who makes plans, Purah is the one who rushes in headfirst. Before Calamity Ganon rose, she was apart of Zelda’s research team and someone who put a high focus on the Sheikah Slate. As such, it is very possible that we could see her as someone who uses the “technology” of the world to her benefit in fights. Who knows what form this could take since she was also someone who specialized in the Sheikah Slate technology but we could see her be someone who could be completely wreckless on the battlefield. For someone who we’ve only seen as a child, it will be nice to see what a more “mature” Purah is like.


Even he could make the Age of Calamity cut.
Source: Breath of the Wild

Another expert in ancient Shiekah technology. While Purah had a higher focus on the Slate, Robbie’s expertise was more on the mechanical engineering and high-tech weaponry. According to the wiki, he was also apparently a “capable fighter” so it could very well be possible that if we needed to expand the roster out more, might as well let Robbie get his time to shine. Not to mention that if he is the one who gave Link the Ancient Arrows in Breath of the Wild, it could be possible he could use things likes the Ancient Soldier Gear and other similar weaponry for himself.

Yiga Clan Member

Can’t really close out Shiekah talks without bringing up a certain clan that stands against their own clan and those of the Royal Family. Considering how it was speculated that it was the Yiga Clan that helped to bring Calamity Ganon into the world, it would be fair to guess that they will play a pretty big role in Age of Calamity. Whether you play as a noteworthy member who serves the leader, or the actual leader, it does seem like a fair guess to make that we would see an original character come out and could play a hand in bringing Calamity Ganon back to the world (or just be a foil to Link and company).

We do need some "Playable Antagonists" in Age of Calmity, right?
Source: Breath of the Wild

Now as for it that character would be as goofy as Kohga from Breath of the Wild, that remains to be seen. Perhaps we will see a more serious leader who had the name of Kohga before the one we saw in-game. Either way, it could be a safe bet to make that we know one playable villain.

King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule

Bonus points if this attire for the King is an alternative attire.
Source: Breath of the Wild

As funny as it would be to think this version of King Hyrule to be a floating spellcaster who can turn himself into a boat, it does seem like he could take an alternative path. Now, it is hard to say if the Old Man will actually be playable, we can see how he does have some kind of powers if he was able to “Spirit” himself to speak with Link at the start of Breath of the Wild. He did aid in the fight against Calamity Ganon when it appears, so it is possible the King can be playable, although who knows if he will happen to have some kind of magical abilities, or if he will have his own weapon that he used before he fell in battle.

Playable Guardian

If there was one constant threat players had to endure while playing Breath of the Wild, it is the threat of Guardians. It would be fair to assume that Guardians probably will be a special unit or boss considering their role during the war.  For all we know, Guardians will not be playable at all, but that isn’t stopping some to consider the possibility of a playable guardian from popping up somehow. If you can have a giant Ganon or a giant Cucco playable in some way, a guardian wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to consider.

Egg Guardian going to be playable too?
Source: Twitter

But then, we also have a small white guardian too. This little one is kind of difficult to explain since its role could be one of two things. It is entirely possible that this Guardian might happen to be a “new creation” with the sole purpose of protecting Zelda, or perhaps a prototype of a new kind of Guardian. Maybe a “Mini-Guardian” or the size was shrunk down on the box art so that it didn’t overtake anyone else and it is just as big as the rest.

The other possibility could also be a weapon for one of the other characters (More specifically, Zelda). In the original Hyrule Warriors, you did have characters who could swap out what weapon they would use in a fight. If that were to carry over (which it likely will), perhaps during the course of the game, Zelda gets her own personal Guardian defender that she could issue orders to it while it does all the fighting for her. Either way, there is some significance to this Guardian, but we have no idea what that could be quite yet.


So let’s wrap up this speculation game with what we will call the “Hail Mary” of guesses.

So probably not a spoiler at this point, but we never did get a “Ganondorf” in Breath of the Wild. Yeah, there’s Calamity Ganon, but we never had a human form. It would be easy to consider that in this timeline, there was no Ganondorf, so who cares. But then we have to remember the “First Look Trailer” at the sequel.

Now, this could be a stretch to think of, but consider this: What if Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity was not only a prequel to Breath of the Wild… But also a hint at Breath of the Wild 2? It could be possible that during the events before the rise of Calamity Ganon that there was a Ganondorf, but he met his end by the hands of Link and the Four Champions. It would then be possible that it was required in order to bring Calamity Ganon to the world. From there, it could be possible to use Age of Calamity to hype up Ganondorf’s appearance in Breath of the Wild 2 with whatever’s going to happen there.

Oh, what delightful goodness could it be to find out Ganondorf was around the age of calamity 100 years ago... If this is indeed Ganondorf...
Source: Breath of the Wild Sequel

Hell knows the internet is as thirsty for him as he is in the trailer, but this could be the best way to bring him into the fold of the story. Whether if this will be the only thing we see him in, or if this will be a lead in to the upcoming Zelda title.

What do you think?

Who could we see as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity? What kind of game elements do you hope to see appear in-game? And will this game drop hints as to what we could expect to see out of a Breath of the Wild sequel? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more articles covering Zelda and other things in the gaming world.

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