If you read my review then you already know. I had a lot of fun with Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled. And the truth is I’m still having fun with it. Due, in no small part, to the way it is actively keeping people engaged with a game that, 20 years ago, stayed the same. Now, in the digital age, developers have the opportunity to keep fans engaged with their product long after it comes out. Long story short, I really like the way that Activision decided to release their DLC.

What Activision did in this specific case was the mind-boggling idea of not charging money for the extra content. This is not necessarily a new concept, but if you will allow me a moment of pure sarcasm: Let’s all hear it for them for doing the bare minimum!

What Is Activision Promoting?

Seriously though, with as much fun As I am having with the game, I appreciate the added methods of adding longevity to the game. A week or so ago, fans were treated to a trailer within the game itself. This trailer promoted a Grand Prix.

Image provided by Activision.

What this Grand Prix entails is that from July 3 to July 28, Players can compete online and even perform tasks locally to earn “nitro”. Simply racing against a competitor online, collecting a certain amount of flags in “Capture the Flag”, or beating a certain time in the time trials can earn you exclusive stickers, kart bodies, and even characters.

Why This Is A Good Thing

Beyond not having to pay extra money for DLC, having extra reasons to try out everything in the game gives me a new appreciation for it. Short of inviting my friends over, I probably never would have tried some of the multiplayer battle modes. I would not have had to “git gud” at drift boosting. Plus, it really doesn’t hurt to have access to exclusive content.

But if you find yourself not able to play the game until after July 28, no worries. The characters will still be available to download. There is just a certain allure to the concept of unlocking content early.

What Do You Get From Activision?

The content that is most worthy of attention (besides the exclusive Kart body for anyone who finishes the Grand Prix within the top fifth percentile) includes the brand new Egyptian themed theme “Nitro Tour” and five new racers known as the Nitro Squad. If they don’t sound familiar, for anyone familiar with the original CTR, they will.

First and foremost, Crash’s captured girlfriend from the original Crash Bandicoot, Tawna, is available. You earn playing as her by completing the above-mentioned tasks. The other four characters can be purchased with Wumpa coins just like all the Crash Nitro Kart unlockable characters. Straight from the original CTR, Isabella, Liz, Ami, and Megumi are unlockable.

Image provided by Activision.

These female bandicoots were originally the unplayable trophy girls from Crash Team Racing. It is certainly a nice nod to the old game. Fans were worried when the trophy girls weren’t there upon release.

Only The Beginning…

The exclusive content of the Nitro Tour is a nice start. With Baby T-Rex from Crash 3: Warped and Spyro from the Gameboy Advance version of Nitro Kart (and Spyro the Dragon of course) coming soon, there is much to look forward to in the future. I can’t wait!

But what do you think? Is this enough to get you to pick up CTR Nito-Fueled? Who would you like Activision to release in future DLC updates? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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