Culture of Gaming is your online portal for anything and everything Gaming related. If you enjoy in-depth Opinion Pieces, Indy and AAA reviews, or just a podcast to listen to once in a while, CoG is the place for you!
Each day, the team behind Culture of Gaming is churning out fresh, new content just for you! We no longer publish news, however, there’s loads of content to make up for that. With two editorials being published daily and article ideas constantly being circulated, Culture of Gaming has you covered.


Our Motto

Primarily based in Australia but comprised of a multinational team, CoG was founded under the idea of providing our readers with trustworthy and unique reviews and opinions that they can rely on and trust. We do not believe in under the table reviews or Paid content where we are dishonest about a review score or upcoming title. Honesty is a must in this industry and we stand firmly on the belief of providing our audience with honest and reliable information!


Culture of Gaming has been around for close to a year and in that time has seen exponential growth. The staff behind CoG are unified in where they want the site to go and what they want to see happen within the next couple of years
Firstly, Culture of Gaming is not trying to be the next IGN or Gamespot. The site is dedicated to bringing viewers and followers what they want to see and hear. A community is what we stand for and we believe that the community approach is a unique and different path in the video game industry.


The struggle in today’s media is that most sites are primarily seeking views to grow. We at Culture of Gaming want our site to feel like an extended family, where anyone can come and share their views, opinions and make recommendations on what content they wish to see. You help us improve and grow in ways we may not even realize we need to.



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