Sony, you’ve done it. You’ve opened the cross-play gates – the gates that have prohibited the citizens of PlayStation Land™ long enough. At long last, everyone is free! Free to wander outside the boundaries! To meander the hills and dales of Xbox World® and Nintendo Planet©! To mingle with their PlayStation-less friends in a society of torn-down walls and unhindered progress! Rejoice!

Heaven knows it took long enough for you to get here.

The Blessed (and limited) Kingdom

For years, you’d stubbornly refused to even go near the gates, claiming that PlayStation Land was the only place worth living. “Why would you people even think of mingling with the people ‘out there’?” you constantly told us. “They’re delusional fools! Why would you ever want to make friends with someone outside the gates of PlayStation Land? You have us! Why would you need anyone else?”

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To be fair, there have always been lot of citizens here in PlayStation Land. You had drawn us to your country with your fantastic single-player exclusives, deep online ecosystem, and wealth of third-party titles. You gave us a long list of reasons to migrate to your government, oh so long ago, and fortunately there were many of us that took the bait! Nearly 80 million of us have lived in your empire for the past five years, gloriously basking in the hills of wonderful PlayStation exclusives.

But your neighbors still made you jealous, didn’t they?

A World Outside The Gates

As online gaming rose to the forefront of this race of kingdoms, Xbox World and Nintendo Planet began to make peace treaties. King Spencer and President Miyamoto shook hands, and the no-man’s-land became crowded with like-minded gamers. No longer were friends bound to a single kingdom: citizens felt free to wander outside the non-existent boundaries and pal up with their newfound friends. In many ways, it felt like meeting someone from a totally different dimension.

But you, Sony, wouldn’t have it.

In meetings behind doors, you passed your judgement. “If our citizens are out there, that means they aren’t in here. And if they aren’t in here, we can’t tax them! We won’t benefit from their purchases, subscriptions, or microtransactions! So there’s no question; they must ALL stay here forever.” You turned your back on the open freedom embraced by your competitors. Not only that: you pretended the freedom didn’t even exist. You never addressed the growing demand for access to the outside world, skirting the issue countless times and frustrating your loyal citizens.

And trust us, we were becoming less loyal by the second.

You tried to hide the social progress Xbox World and Nintendo Planet were pushing. But we knew. Those who were brave enough to peer through the cracks in the towering walls were treated to a fantastic view: hundreds of gamers, Xbox and Nintendo alike, frolicking in the open fields of cross-play together. They were playing soccer with cars, jumping out of airplanes, and building houses together. “Why can’t we do that with them?” It was because of the gates – the gates that loomed ever taller, ever ominous, ever infuriating.

A New Era

But rejoice, for all of that is in the past! Sony, you were the final piece of the cross-play puzzle. You were the one plank holding up the ancient online console wars fence. But now the final plank is removed, and everyone can only benefit from here. Yes, even you.

Imagine the potential of your new policy. You only have Fortnite available for cross-play now, but imagine what will happen to your glorious new republic when more games are brought out from under your iron hand. As citizens of all three kingdoms can play more games together, your kingdom will only seem even more appealing. Sure, you might lose a few citizens to Xbox World or Nintendo Planet, but it’s a miniscule price to pay. In the end, your newfound change of heart will place your reputation in a positive limelight. You’ll be just as open and free as the other kingdoms, kind and just to both your citizens and non-citizens.

So here’s to Sony, the final enablers of the future of gaming.

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