We ask the question today, how does the current generation Battlefield V shape up in the series? We will be taking a small dive into the previous iterations, leaving in the main Battlefield video games. Some expansions, spin-offs, or DLC may apply as we look at their numbers. A great deal of people, and even fans themselves, are saying it’s taken a turn for the worst. With the beta out, a good representation of how the game will look and feel, people are talking. Let’s first take a look if it’s really all that bad compared to most others in the series. If so, why?

Battlefield 1942: The Beginning

The very first of the series and cementing DICE (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment) as a household name, and for the time looked really good. It was their primary focus on WWII realism that was a major draw for people. This is sort of what we will be focusing on in part. How far does it go with realism? What kind of weapons do they use in the game, along with what kinds of vehicles? Has their cache of those things degraded over time into a lesser amount of fun and excitement?

For classes, they start off pretty well-rounded. You have the Scout, Assault, Anti-Tank, Medic, and the Engineer. One carries a sniper, the other an assault rifle, etc.. In total there were 18 weapons to start, another 6 with expansions. Each one was tailored for their specific class, such as the Panzerschreck to Anti-Tank and the BAR 1918 to Assault, but each side also had their own versions of weapons which was also nice. Pretty basic nowadays, but at the time it was great. It felt good to go out knowing your specific area of expertise was the most useful for what you did. If you wanted to be a sniper and help control the range between your squad and the enemy, you could choose that one specified class. Want to heal injured team mates during the fight to contribute? The Medic was the sole healer of that fight.

Different factions were also pit against each other such as the US vs Japan or the UK vs Italy, Canada also being involved. There were large amounts of vehicles, such as the Tiger tank and even a Lynx Scout car, 47 vehicles in total in the original game with 29 more off expansions. With various Multiplayer maps you had Wake Island, Battle of the Bulge, Berlin, 21 total map levels and an extra 15 in expansions.

The Numbers

With all this in just the first Battlefield game conceived, what is it like for the future of the series? We won’t be discussing any numbers for the single player campaign modes as they were never intended to be the sole focus, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t fun to play either. Also, while I do heavily enjoy any mode that allows for a story, I have always been focused on the multiplayer aspect of any Battlefield game, as have many others. Here is a small table as to the estimated amount of weapons, vehicles, and maps each installment in the series had. Exact counts may vary to a small degree, especially for the Battlefield V numbers. This will include numbers from when their games first launched, as well as add any expansions, DLC, or official mods on the side.




































As it’s gathered from the table chart, it looks as though the main series itself has come a long way. Battlefield 2 has added over twice as much in the original launch of the game as far as weapons, yet vehicles and maps have died down a little, but still remained plentiful and varied. The games in-between the full iterations, Vietnam and then later Battlefield 1, show no drastic change from the games that had come before them, the exception of course being 2142. In fact, over time the numbers have grown to almost an insane amount between both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1However, Battlefield V itself is looking less so. It looks almost as if it is a downgrade.

Does this mean that number will be the same at launch? Not at all. It could change, but at the same time what you see in the current beta is what you might get. Even with Battlefield V, I would not be surprised if they added plenty more maps later in DLC. As for vehicles, it looks to be the same issue as for weapons. One might argue it’s the worst for the series as a whole. They have a good amount tallied at the moment, but all we can hope for is some slight change in that number for the better. A game needs to be fun, and the only way to accomplish that is by giving a good amount of content towards the main direction of the game. This means more, not less. Even if you currently have the quality, it should be coupled with quantity as well so matches don’t feel stale further down. People want to play this newest release, and if they enjoy it enough they will play for months, if not years.

The Fun: What Battlefield Multiplayer Should Be

I have always been a huge fan of vehicles in Battlefield. From jeeps, to tanks, to their aircraft. One of my favorite spin-offs from the main series was Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. It never felt like it had a lot of vehicles or weapons to choose from, but it was so fun and each class varied. Plus, those maps felt very creative. If you wanted to go in a tunnel underground to ambush a tank and were an engineer with rockets, you had the option along with an advantage of being mobile.

I remember on one map I kept blasting my way through a tunnel with a shotgun, opposed by 4 or 5 enemies of different skill sets and weapons. With rockets and a shotgun, you felt powerful. With a sniper, you felt tactical. With a medic, you felt super useful and had to use stealth tactics to survive. It certainly had that rock-paper-scissors feel. When I had gone 84-2 one match as sniper, it was one of the most exciting things. It’s matches like those you never forget. It’s matches like those that make people appreciate the series, because they are so very rare in a game like that. Plant C4 on a jeep and drive it into a tank only to escape by jumping out last minute and killing a bunch of guys? Felt satisfying. Jumping out of a helicopter, just so you could land inside a building that your teammate is surrounded in to help keep him alive? Priceless.

With what the beta has so far told us, it might be a bit boring to play down the road. Without the amount of vehicles in the level to cope with the players, the fact the amount of players have not increased to feel more like an actual war, and also with how each class feels like the other, it can get stale pretty quickly. Everyone can revive, which gives less of a need to survive. The amount of vehicles even in each map as it currently stands feels less attractive, even as a single person running along the ground. It now has that run and gun feel indicative of the Call of Duty franchise. Upgrades like “faster bullets” are just ridiculous on its surface.

How does Battlefield V stack up?

In current form, it’s not a bad experience aside from other games in the main series. It’s not a particularly amazing experience either. It lacks what Battlefield 2, 3, and 1 had initially upon release. It lacks the amount of vehicles. It lacks what made the series so great in the first place, the ability to use various amounts of weaponry at your disposal, vehicles included. Battlefield 1942 was the first in the series, so it makes sense that both that game and its successor Battlefield: Vietnam didn’t have a lot of content. They had a variety and didn’t have much of any games in that genre to compete with it. Battlefield 2 upgraded everything, giving it a graphical upgrade, more weapons, more vehicles, and more importantly felt like what it was originally intended to be, virtual warfare.


Cybernetic limbs aside, I think it’s fine. It may not be ideal or historically accurate, but I don’t have much of a problem with that. I don’t have much of a problem with a woman having a major role in the campaign, being the main protagonist. What I would have a problem with, is labeling it as “historically accurate,” which I found no evidence of DICE or EA making those claims. There are claims by the audience that women had little to no roles on the front-line which are not true either. Most of it was tactical and systematic, such as spies and snipers. Some were also seeing combat, such as piloting aircraft and fighting ground assaults. They may not have been prominent, but they had their roles nonetheless. I see where people are coming from in the end though, since women have never been so prominently on display in a Battlefield game before. They just changed so much of what it had been previously, just a man with an arsenal of weapons and vehicles at his disposal. The standard WWII game.

Do I plan to purchase?

The fact they added and even announced a Battle Royale mode, I’m not sold on this game and it’s an unnecessary addition. I may pick it up in the future when on sale, but where it stands I can’t support this game for the prices they ask when it seems like they actually took away from the experience instead of adding to it. I plan to look into some of the previous games of the series I have never had the chance to check out while doing research for this article. Look into reviews first and then make your own decisions.

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