As Rainbow Six: Siege continues to celebrate year three, the game continues to evolve. The next season will take us to Italy for the DLC Operations: Para Bellum. This will bring a new map and two new operators that specialize in false intelligence and counter-surveillance.

During the finals of Rainbow Six: Siege Season 7, we got the scoop on the latest group joining Team Rainbow: Italy’s Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (GIS). Formed in 1977 as a special operations counter-terrorism response unit, it evolved into a special forces unit in 2004. The GIS has taken part in many operations, including the war in Afghanistan. In Siege, the two operators out of the Italian CTU serves as defenders with the ability to mislead attackers foolish enough to rush into a fight. So what do these operators bring to the table? And will that make them just as dangerous as the other operators? Let’s find out!

When One has you Outnumbered 4 to 1: Alibi and her Holographic Decoys

[2018-05-14] New Operator - Alibi - Header

To reveal yourself by shooting at something that isn’t even there. That is what Alibi hopes you do when you see her other selves.

When playing Siege, one important tactic is the ability to spot and take out enemy units before they take you down. With Alibi though, think twice about opening fire when you spot the enemy. This Libyan-born defender’s special ability is Prisma, which allows her to set up holographic decoys that look just like her. While they stand around doing nothing, opponents shouldn’t attack right away.  Not only are you wasting your time and bullets on something you can’t hit, but should you strike or collide with a decoy, you will get tagged and exposed to attackers.  She can even throw decoys outside and can mislead attackers that a defender ran outside.

For as scary as it sounds, attackers can still work around the decoys if they play smart. When you attack the base of a decoy (without touching the hologram itself), you will destroy it. Operators that are counters to Alibi’s decoys are Twitch and her Shock Drones which can destroy them, Thatcher’s EMP Grenade can disrupt the holograms temporarily, and Glaz’s Flip Sight can identify which Alibis are holograms and which is the real Alibi to put a bullet in her head. Alibi’s hologram wears her default attire and an SMG with no mods. This means that if you take the extra few seconds to observe, you could identify if it is a hologram or not. That and if she isn’t holding an SMG, she is about to open fire. If she is an opponent, it is best to not be trigger-happy.

Keeping an (evil) eye on you: Maestro and his Bullet-Proof Camera

[2018-05-16] New Operator - Maestro - Header

He smiles as he knows that once the evil eye goes up, it can’t be taken down.

Our second hero is a man who knows all too well about watching the enemy. His Evil Eye Camera not only lets him set up a camera anywhere, but it comes with a few nifty moves that make it even more dangerous. Should you stumble over it, you can’t destroy it with your guns as it is bulletproof. If you wanted to destroy it, you will need to use explosives, destroy the surface it is on, or have Sledge use his hammer. Thatcher and Twitch can also disable the camera, but if the shutter’s closed, they can’t destroy it. With the ability to see through the smoke and any defender being able to use it, Evil Eye is just… evil.

What makes the eye more evil is what happens when Maestro himself is using it. He can open the shutter and use a compact laser that can attack players, take out drones or even blow up breach charges. While the damage output isn’t special, it can be dangerous for low health operators. While the laser sounds unbeatable, it comes with a few drawbacks; the biggest one being that enemies can destroy it when the shutter is open. The laser also runs on a cooldown, so don’t fire off too many rounds. The laser also can’t stop defusers, so if you see someone with one, it is best to get off the camera and shot to kill.

Two Great additions to Siege. Non-Ci Piove.

With two new defenders, we now have 40 operators (20 attackers and 20 defenders); doubling the roster size since Siege launched back in 2015. With an end goal of 100 operators, it should come as no shock that we have yet to even reach a possible halfway point with Rainbow Six Siege. Just what will the future hold for Rainbow Six Siege? and what other organizations will join the fight against terrorists? We’ll just have to wait and see. Para Bellum will drop on June 5 with these two operators and the brand new map: Villa. For a full breakdown of the upcoming updates, be sure to watch the Para Bellum reveal.


So what do you think of the newest additions to Rainbow Six: Siege? Do you think they will shake up the meta in-game? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming as well as our social media for the latest content we have to offer.

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