As you could imagine, A Knights Quest has a lot of similarities to The Legend of Zelda series.  How can a game like this not be compared to the standard?  But as you go through A Knights Quest, it is pretty apparent that this game is not a straight rip off.  Taking its steps and creating its mechanics to pull away from the pack. Can it pull far enough away to shine, though?  Let’s find out.

What’s the Quest?

Well, telling you about that would ruin the game, wouldn’t it?  And without getting into much detail, Rusty, the main character you play as, is tasked with finding legends of the past to save the day.  This premise is not out of the ordinary for a 3D action platformer. But the writing does a rather good job at making A Knight’s Quests’ story interesting. Characters are unique, and jokes are well thought out. It’s just a shame that they come across rather flat most of the time.

Now I don’t blame the writers on this one. Instead, I blame the game devs.  There are times where no music or sound effects were present during cut scenes.  Characters would not show any change in expression or even gesture. A bit of life brought to them would go a long way.

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At its worst, with a combination of all of the above,  It made me feel rather awkward. Just switching between 2 static shots of static characters in pure silence is just unsettling.

It Sure is Pretty

When it chooses to be.  In large open areas, and even in the middle of some cut-scene shots, the resolution drops.  The resolution fell to the point where I could not see specific objects anymore. But that is the only major gripe I have.

When A Knight’s Quest is in full resolution, which is most of the time,  It is a great looking game. Colors are vibrant, environments are lively, and creatures are unique.  All of it is great except for one thing.

Sometimes, the town’s people are just off-putting.  I believe it’s a combination of the 3D models with the 2D facial features.

A Knight's Quest

As You Would Imagine, There are Dungeons

I will admit,  I am somewhat surprised how good these dungeons are in A Knight’s Quest.  The puzzles are well thought out, even keeping the backtracking to a reasonable amount.  On top of that, none of them overstayed their welcome to the point where it felt as if it was a chore to complete.  But I don’t want to go into too much detail, as to save the fun for you.

The only criticism I have is the enemy diversity.  At times it just feels like I am fighting the same three enemies over and over again.  Due to that, and a combination of other things, combat was rather dull most of the time. There never really was a sense of danger or worry.  Even most of the bosses never posed a challenge.

I Don’t Know How to Transition This

Yet another solid surprise was the soundtrack.  Almost all of the music is well crafted, fitting the environments it was tailored for.  Sound effects were also well done. The part that shocked me the most was the balance of each element.  One never overpowered the other, and the volume as a whole did not cause any annoyances.

If I had to criticize something,  It would only be to make the boss fight themes a bit more intimidating.  But that is just a personal note.

Is it Worth a Play?

Well, yes and no.  For those who enjoy Legend of Zelda style game, yes.  It is a rather solid game if you can look over its flaws.  As for the rest of the crowd, I recommend a pass. It just has too many issues that stack up.  It would be better to sink your time into something else…. Like Breath of the Wild

Dungeons are solid
The soundtrack is rather plesant
The game is pretty in full resolution
Writing is well thought out
Enemies and combat get dull over time
Graphics tank to an unbearable degree
Cut scenes are awkward

Review Summary

A Knight’s Quest has a solid foundation to be a great game. But it suffers from too many problems to break itself away from the pack of Zelda-Like games.

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