Not too long ago this wasn’t even considered to be a job, just a simple hobby that kept people happy and able to escape from everyday life. Now it is not only a job but can end up bringing in a lot more than your standard 9-5 role depending on how successful you are. There are people like Pewdiepie who were able to start streaming online and turned it into a million-pound business. Making millions all from starting by playing his games online for other people to watch. It may sound weird to people who don’t understand the gaming universe but it is entertaining and also educational in a sense. If someone is playing and streaming a game that others get stuck on or are unable to work out what they need to do next they can look to streamers for advice and guidance for them to progress.

One of the first things you will want to make sure you have is the kit. You don’t have to start with all of the most expensive items but just some good quality ones will do the job. You will want to have a webcam, this is so you can be seen and you will be recording yourself. Audiences like it a lot better when they can see who is talking and dictating what they are doing. You will also want to have a good quality microphone, there are headphones with ones built-in but when you are recording as a way to entertain and educate fellow gamers you don’t want interference and want something that will pick up everything you say. The last vital part is some form of editing software, when starting a lot of the basic video editing that comes with computers will do but by investing in better editing software you can make your videos more exciting and look a lot more professional.

With all of this tech and equipment, it is important you are able to keep it all looked after. As you are turning your streaming platform into more of a business and a way you are getting income then looking for external help with IT is very beneficial. It can help things run smoothly and make sure you have no hiccups so, click here for more information.

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One of the important things to look at is how you are going to make your income. The main way is by advertisements. Once you reach a certain level of views and subscribers on platforms like YouTube you have the option to monetize your videos. This means before, during, or after your video they will place advertisements from businesses. This can then convert into income for you depending on how many views that particular video gets. You can also have donations set up. Platforms will also occasionally offer ways for your fans to donate money to you or even exclusively subscribe to videos you are putting out and show their support for you. This is so they can continue to watch you and you can continue to make amazing content.

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