When it comes to the world of fighting games, sometimes you need something to help spice up your fights. If you have the tools at your disposal, you can usually set up mods to give characters fancy new color schemes. There are some modders that go one step further and give characters a whole new look to them while still allowing them to play the same way.  It is because of this that Street Fighter V can be amazing on PC. The detail work from modders is incredible and if I had a good enough PC, I’d be all over this.  While I’d love to list off my favorite overall mod designs, I wanted to focus on a particular niche that makes me wish that there was an actual fighting game: Overwatch.

Tracer as Cammy and D.Va as Karin. These ideas sometimes write themselves!

There have been a few noticeable modders, such as Ozci, who created D. Va as Karin. The majority of these Overwatch character mods though were created by artist “THEJAMK.” Since the release of Street Fighter V, he has done the following character mods:

  • Tracer as Cammy
  • Genji as Nash
  • Soldier 76 as Guile
  • Widomaker as Juri
  • Mei as Kolin
  • Reaper as Nash (and M. Bison)
  • Sombra as Laura
  • Symmetra as Chun-Li
  • Roadhog as Birdie
  • Reinhardt as Zangief (and Balderich as Abigail)
  • Zarya as R. Mika

He has not only done ten characters from Overwatch but many other mods from various other medias. You can tell that the choices made were done not because it would “look cool” but in some ways, they do similarities between characters whether if it is by personality, through looks alone. From Birdie being a big guy using a chain, to Sombra and Laura with similar looking hairstyles; they were brilliant choices to make them stand out even more in-game. In fact, it is because of his and other modders work that got me to thinking about what other possibilities there could be by mixing the two games.

How can you not love a playable Roadhog that actually uses his chain?

Overwatch currently has 26 heroes while Street Fighter V will have 34 characters by the time Season 3 wraps up.  Surely we can come up with more plausible Overwatch character ideas, right? In fact, I can think of ten characters that would be great to see modded into SFV and would like to share my random ideas right now.  Whether if they will happen or not in the future will remain to be seen, but it never hurts to imagine the fun possibilities of what mods could be possible in the future.  As such, here are my Top 10 Overwatch Character ideas for SFV.

10) Zarya as Zangief

The Muscle Power of Russia!

When it comes to characters with muscle power in Overwatch (while being within reasonable perimeters), no one stands out more than the world’s strongest woman: Zarya. As a former weightlifter turned soldier, Zarya fights for the pride of Russia using her massive particle cannon. While she may not be as huge as the Red Cyclone, it would be neat to see her perform some of his signature moves and show how Russian wrestling truly is number one.

While this is a fun idea, I will admit that it isn’t without a few issues.  The first being that both Zarya and Zangief already have mods in the game, and in some ways, they do fit better. I don’t know about Zarya lunging at people butt first as R. Mika, but when you have the Reinhardt being used as the bigger members of the SF Cast, it can be harder to see Zarya in that same role. Still, we are talking about prideful citizens of Russia, and these two do their country proud.

9) Genji as Ibuki or Zeku

Who is better suited to be the Cyber Ninja?

Much like the last entry, this one feels a bit off to make suggestions for a character that already has a mod. Having Genji as Nash actually does work well in terms of how we’re talking about someone who was brought back to the brink of death and was reborn into a killer badass. That said, if we got ninjas on the roster, why not make use of them? Especially since in some ways, both Ibuki and Zeku would have a variety of moves that could compliment Genji more than Nash can.

On one hand, you have Ibuki that can use projectiles like Genji (not ninja stars, but you get the idea) and other various moves that can fit his fight style.  On the other, the aesthetics of Zeku definitely does compliment Genji as well. You could also allow Genji to transform into his current attire and perhaps his Sparrow attire. Both could actually be fun to see Genji utilize and would make sense. Since it is difficult to choose, I say pick your favorite and roll with it.

8) Symmetra as Menat

Using floating orbs of energy to out-think the enemy.

As the last of my “currently existing” mods, we have Symmetra. While I didn’t mind her model being used with Chun-Li, I feel like just about any female character could be used for her and it would still work (which in fairness, an honorable mention to Mercy as Chun-Li). The other thing of note is that at the time the Symmetra mod was posted online, Menat wasn’t announced yet.

Part of me looks at the two and could definitely say that there are some similarities in the tools of their trade. Whether if you want to use a special orb for Symmetra or mod the orb to look like one of her turrets, it would be something that could be possible to give to her.  She can be just as unorthodox as Menat in fights, but it is that uniqueness that makes her a stand out from the rest of the cast.

7) McCree as Ken

And no… It isn’t just because Ken wore a cowboy outfit…

There is no better hotshot in Overwatch than Mr. Deadeye himself, Jesse McCree. Considering the attitude of McCree and how he is one to show off (as demonstrated by Deadeye that can let him shoot several targets in the head while not aiming his pistol), he feels like he would be the perfect fit for Ken.

The only issue that I could think of that could make this mod tricky would be the poncho that McCree wears over his left arm.  Outside of that though, it could be another fun mod to see in-game.  While he wouldn’t be using his six-shooter, I could see McCree throwing down in fights like Ken while also delivering painful kicks with his boots. Considering how that last kick goes with Ken’s Critical Art, I can only imagine how much more painful that would be with the Spurs.

6) Hanzo as Ryu

Why not give the Rising Dragon Fist to someone who can actually summon dragons?

On the flip side, Ryu is definitely one of the more disciplined fighters in the cast. It seems funny how we hear Hanzo being such a skilled fighter, but all we see him do is fire off arrows instead. Even in his cinematic trailer, we saw just skilled of a fighter he was when he infiltrated the castle. Out of all characters in Overwatch, it does feel like it adds up perfectly to give Hanzo Ryu’s move set.

The more I look at Ryu and Hanzo, it does feel like the two do have a good deal of similarities, including how they use their energy to fire of blue Ki energy attacks. Considering how many people love to throw Genji and Hanzo against each other, it would seem fitting enough to have them fight in SFV too. We’ll have to wait and see if the dragon will get the chance later on.

5) Winston as Blanka or Necalli

It isn’t like Ed’s gorilla buddy is going to be playable anytime soon…

When a new character gets included into either roster, the fun becomes how one can be put into the other.  A lot of people laughed at how Sombra looked so similar to Laura and next thing we know, we saw a Sombra mod for her. So imagine playing through Ed’s story and seeing that he has a gorilla buddy with him.  Who else thought of Winston at that time? While I doubt we’ll ever see it playable (or in SFV anytime soon), that doesn’t mean everyone’s favorite peanut butter eating scientist is out of luck.  On the contrary: I could see one of two possibilities.

Considering how Winston does have the ability to go primal, it would be a fun idea to perhaps give him Necalli’s move set where after the trigger goes off, Winston will remain in the Primal Rage form for the rest of the round. Considering how savage Necalli’s moves can be, it could be fun to see Winston be just as fierce. Of course, if we are looking for something more “beastly,” we do have Blanka in the waiting right now.  At the time of this posting, there’s no telling how Blanka’s move set will be like and if he will have any additional moves.  Still, it would be fun to see Winston use electricity in other ways besides his gun while also watching him spin through the air.

Either way, Winston needs more love and unlike most of the Overwatch cast, he definitely has a way to get modded.

4) Pharah as Sakura

Floats thro’ the air, with the greatest of ease…

With the new season underway in Street Fighter V, Sakura has been a welcomed inclusion. If there was one thing I noticed about her gameplay this time around, it is that she actually does have a few options when it comes jumping.  Whether if it is a regular jump or the Haru Kaze (that I swear she learned from Dan), she definitely is one of the more floatier characters in the game. Sounds a bit like another floaty character from Overwatch, wouldn’t you say?

Besides the ability to get airtime, you could also say that the two share similar goals as well.  Sakura wants to become a stronger street fighter while Pharah aspires to reach the same heights as Overwatch. With how few female fighters are left out of what could be selected, I feel that she would be best suited up in Raptora Armor. If there was a mod for Sakura as 2B, then I’d like to think that Pharah could work just as well.

3) Zenyatta as Dhalsim

Experience… YOGA!

I know I couldn’t have been the only one to make the connections between Zenyatta and Dhalsim. You have two spiritual beings that can be able to float and use their energy to do supernatural things.  Of course, there’s a difference between breathing fire and teleporting and firing orbs and becoming completely invulnerable, but it does feel like the two do have parallels.

The only concern that I would have is that when it comes to the modding game, there aren’t that many for Dhalsim. Modders like THEJAMK has done one with a character named Sheila, there aren’t many other mods out there. Why not give the wandering monk his time to shine and kick ass? I just want to see Zenyatta actually touch the ground for once (even if he would be hopping on one foot).

2) Lucio as Rashid

Lucio of the Turbulent Beats!

Street Fighter V had a lot of charismatic newcomers in the game.  None of them, however, has stood out quite as far as Rashid. From his “parkour” fighting style to his hyped up theme song, those who use Rashid knows how to excite the audience. With the way that he is always moving around and how it does look like he is jamming while fighting, part of me always saw a bit of Lucio in him.

It might look a bit silly to see someone with skates being able to walk around, but if Jet Set Radio can have characters use the stars, I think we can suspend our disbelief a bit. If anything else, it probably could be a fun to explain that Lucio is almost using his skates as a means to kick up the wind while his kicks can hurt so much more too, while also giving Lucio something that comes a bit close to Capoeira.

1) Doomfist as Balrog

I might have gone a bit too far with these picture edits…

Ever since the premiere trailer of Overwatch, few people had excited people as much as the man with a fist full of doom. While his inclusion into the game has had a mixed reception, there’s no denying that Doomfist can be a blast to play. The best part about him is how he is basically a homage to fighting games.  From his punching moves to sprays and voice lines, Doomfist seems like the guy you would see playable in Street Fighter.

So as you can imagine, for a guy who specializes in punching the holy hell out of people, we have just the guy we could pair him off with. The only challenge you could probably say would come from the idea of Doomfist’s right arm is much bigger than his left, thus it could throw off the balance a bit. Still, part of me feels like it could be slightly adjusted as something close to the picture I made where the arm could be seen as slightly bigger while keeping the intimidation of a giant metallic fist flying towards your face.

The World Could Always Use More Street Fighters.

As much as I don’t want this to seem like a list of demands of what I’d like to see next, I can’t help but get excited at what mods are capable of. Who knows if any of my ideas will actually happen, but it is fun to consider the possibilities and how it could help to expand what can be possible.  If anything else, it actually makes me want to try and dive in and give it a shot myself, but I know that I probably could do the characters any justice.

Who knows what the future will hold for both games, but it is probably safe to say that we won’t be seeing the end of either series anytime soon and they will continue to grow in terms of rosters and fanbases.  So what do you guys think? Are there any characters from Overwatch that you think would be fun to see in Street Fighter V? Are there any mods that you’ve seen in SFV that has stood out to you?  Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more fun and thoughtful editorials.

Special shoutout once more to THEJAMK for his fantastic work. If you would like to see more of THEJAMK’S work, be sure to check out his Deviantart page. He also has a Patreon that you can donate to as well as a PayPal if you wish to donate money more directly to him. His latest build was one based on Haggar as Zangief and it looks amazing.

Pick up Street Fighter V here.

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