As a genre, heavy metal (or simply metal) is fairly recent. It was developed in the late 1960s and early 70s – mainly by 3 pioneer musical groups. These bands include Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The 70s and the 80s led to the formation of many other metal bands as well, such as Jethro Tull, Judas Priest, etc.

If you are a fan of metal music and are looking for some of the best devices to listen to metal music on, then this is the perfect guide for you. In this, 6 of the best earphones and bluetooth speakers have been listed – which are ideal for metal songs. You can connect these devices directly to your Redmi phone.

  1. Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones: Marshall is an audio tech firm that has been making awesome headphones and speakers for a very long time. The Marshall Monitor headphones are fairly recent, but they are absolutely perfect for metal fans. The sound quality is amazing and it is just the perfect device you can pair with your Redmi phone.
  2. Sony WH-1000 XM-3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headset: This is one of the best headphones that Sony makes. Sony’s speakers, headphones, etc. are amazing and they are used by studio technicians and musicians from all over the world. The over-ear design is meant for noise cancellation, and is perfect if you want to immerse yourself into the world of metal.
  3. Bose SoundLink Wireless Around-Ear Headphones II: Bose is a well-known brand when it comes to audio tech. In fact, their tech is in demand all over the world because of its high sound quality and sophistication. If you are someone who wants to enjoy all the nuances of Led Zeppelin’s best songs, then this model is perfect for you.
  4. JBL Charge 4 Powerful IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker: If you are always on the road and you want to bring your favourite metal tunes along with you, then you should definitely look into this amazing model of bluetooth speaker. The Charge 4 has 20 hours of battery power and it also has a very powerful sound, just ideal for metal.
  5. Marshall Amplification Kilburn II: The Marshall Kilburn is a classic choice for fans of rock and heavy metal. The speaker is even designed to look exactly like the amplifiers used by legendary rock bands from the 1970s and 1980s. If you want an authentic and memorable metal music experience, then the Marshall Kilburn II is just perfect for you.
  6. TDK Life on Record Trek Max A34: This is a powerful wireless speaker that you can carry around, during trips and excursions. It is very reasonably priced but it can deliver quite a punch. You can get the best metal experience while listening to your favourite Metallica song on this speaker. It also has very innovative NFC tap-to-pair tech.

These are only six of the amazing devices out there which you can use to get in your daily dose of metal music. Audio tech brands keep innovating almost everyday.

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