With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas only a month away, it’s time for the family to come together and celebrate. Grandma will be coming to town, siblings will be returning home, and parents will be visiting relatives or hosting dinners. It’s a truly special time. 

If you can figure out what you can all do together.

Although couch co-op has been on the decline, there are still games out there that provide fun for the whole family. Even grandma or grandpa can get in on the action with some of the more simple, goofy games. 

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So, without further ado, here are five games that provide great family fun over the holidays. Whether you’re waiting for the turkey or spending time indoors on a snowy Christmas day, these games will be a perfect way to spend time with your family.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Cover Art

Source: Nintendo

Mario Kart is a great introduction to gaming for anyone, making it a perfect game for the whole family. If you have the controllers, up to four people can play together. If more than four people want to be involved, you can always take turns. You can all play on the same team, dominating as a single, family unit, or you can play against one another to settle some scores. 

The amount of character, track, and kart variety will make playing rarely dull, and the kaleidoscopic, spectacular animation will capture the attention of both the young and old. 

Overcooked 2

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac

Overcooked 2 Flying, Two-Ship Kitchen

Source: Ghost Town Games

A quick way to test the strength and love of your family, Overcooked 2 offers culinary mayhem for up to four players. The controls are incredibly simple, with only a few buttons being necessary; the difficulty is in the ludicrous levels that require you to cook in silly and sometimes precarious situations. 

So, young children and grandparents will be able to play the game quite easily but still be engaged with the challenge of cooking, for example, between two flying ships. Prepare to yell at your grandmother, “YOU HAVE TO PICK UP THE PATTY BEFORE IT BURNS, BETTY,” and apologize once the chaos is finished. 

Jackbox Party Pack 6

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac

Jackbox Party Pack 6

Source: Nintendo

This entry is rather like a collection of video games instead of a singular one. There are multiple games to play and, with up to 10 players able to play at a time, the whole family can get involved. Some games are comedic, some more intense, and some will test your knowledge of trivia. In total, there are five different mini-games to play. 

These games aren’t much different from board games, card games, or basic trivia, so even family members who don’t usually play video games will be able to catch on quick. With all the games being unique and fun, your family will never get bored — at least, not until it’s turkey time!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, VR

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Bomb

Source: PlayStation

This is a video game that takes some cues from board games, and what results is pure mayhem. The concept is that the person playing the game sees a procedurally-generated bomb that no one else can see. Your family members will use a bomb defusal print-out manual to tell you how to disarm it. 

With the clock ticking, the pressure builds as family members shout directions at the person playing the game. Since the bomb is different every time, communication is essential to address the issues of that specific bomb. The controls are simple, and there is no limit on how many people can be involved. All members of the family can participate and enjoy the mayhem. 

Super Mario Party

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Party's Cast

Source: Polygon

Nothing brings a group of people to life like a party — a Mario Party, specifically. Basically, up to four players compete against one another in a series of Mario-themed minigames. There is also a large board in where minigames can be selected. However, there is a lot of luck involved in what takes place on this board, and sometimes you are at the mercy of a family member’s whims.

This will destroy the relationships you have with some of your family members, but it sure is a good time. The controls are extremely simple, and the rules are not any more complicated than a board game, meaning that people of all ages and experience can get involved. Just try not to let the party turn into a bloodbath. 

What are your favorite games to play with your family while waiting for the turkey to finish cooking? Let us know in the comments below!

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