The internet is an almost unending source for information and entertainment, with gaming in particular being an area that it excels in supporting.

While you can play the latest and greatest multiplayer titles if you have a powerful enough rig, there are also a whole host of old school games that are accessible to a much wider audience.

If you are looking to enjoy a blast from the past in the present day, here are just a few classic games that are available online right now.

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Whether you play in your browser or via an app, firing up a bingo game and trying to get a full house is just as fun in the 21st century as it was when the earliest versions emerged 500 years ago.

The biggest selling point of bingo is that it is so accessible. You do not need to learn endless rules or worry about always losing to experts; all you need to do is match numbers on your card to those generated randomly by the house.

Another perk is that, just like the land-based equivalent, you can enjoy the social side of playing bingo online thanks to the fact that most services have integrated chat rooms.


While bingo is easy to learn, chess is very much at the other end of the spectrum in terms of the strategic possibilities and technical complexities of its rules. However, it is still hugely popular and has found new life in recent years thanks to the proliferation of services that provide online play and support tournaments for amateurs and professionals alike.

This really is a natural evolution for chess, which used to be played over great distances by people sending each other their moves in the post. Things may be a lot more fast-paced thanks to the real time possibilities opened up by the web, but the principles of the game remain the same as they have for centuries.


With both official and unofficial versions of this highly respected word game available on mobile and desktop alike, anyone who enjoys toying with language and expanding their vocabulary can get their fill by playing Scrabble online.

One of the top reasons to try out the web-based versions of Scrabble is that this experience will allow you to learn from your opponents and put these new skills into practice the next time you play with friends in person, letting you practice and improve in secret to secure a surprise victory.


Originating in China but eventually growing into an international phenomenon, Mahjong has enjoyed a significant uptick in popularity since the dawn of the digital era thanks to the many online iterations that have been made.

Whether you play for fun or play competitively, the online Mahjong scene is thriving, and unlike some web-based games, it is as much based on player skill as it is on pure luck, which makes it more interesting and appealing, without making it too difficult for newcomers to get into.


This arcade classic has been reinvented and re-imagined many times over, but it is still in its original form that it is most recognizable and arguably most appealing.

A quick search will reveal that there are lots of places that let you play this game online, and you can do so from within your web browser, rather than having to download any separate software or relying on an emulator.

Indeed any timeless game you can think of has likely been reproduced for the web, so if your favorite is not in this list, you should still be just a few clicks away from finding it.