Here at Culture of Gaming, we’re more than ready to get in the spooky Halloween mood! And what better way to do so then to get hooked upon some especially spooky, free games from the app store? Check out this list of 5 great games to get you in the chilling spirit.

Scary Teacher 3D

Tired of the hype surrounding Hello Neighbor? Want something as challenging as it, but with more stuff to do? (Or maybe you just couldn’t beat the game…) Fear not, if you’re looking for something similar to Hello Neighbor with a more immersive twist than you‘re in luck! Scary Teacher 3D is a horror simulation game about your worst nightmare teacher. This dreadful teacher possesses a horrible history of torturing her students and suddenly she’s your next door neighbor! It’s now your job to get revenge and teach her a lesson!

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The game features a 3D open world in which you can travel into the wicked teacher’s house and play various pranks on her. Your goal is to collect all the stolen items the teacher has taken from students over the years and successfully complete your tasks without getting caught. Even though the game is extremely kid friendly with easy controls, you’ll still catch a chilling fright trying to escape from the teacher and discovering the secrets that lie in the basement.

Eyes- The Scary Horror Game Adventure

While traveling into a dark, creepy mansion at night, something sinister awaits… The dark story and escape adventure game Eyes- The Scary Horror Game, is full of hearty jumpscares, tense gameplay, and eerie atmospheres for all the horror lovers out there. With over 10 million downloads already, this particular frightening app is a must for the Halloween spirit. The game is continuously updated so new levels, monsters, and custom features are regularly added. The great amounts of variability add a brand new experience each time you play. With your main task being to escape the clutches of the evil mansion, the various supernatural spirits and unexpected jumpscares will surely make your journey the most difficult challenge of your life.


Probably one of the most popular games of all time with 50 million downloads, countless YouTube parodies, and a number 24 spot on the app arcade list, Granny is a fun, horror classic. You begin the game trapped inside Granny’s home with no means of escape or a clue what you’re doing there. So quite naturally like most of the horror games on this list, it’s your job to escape without being caught by Granny.

Now, when you think of grandmother’s, what usually comes to mind is a sweet old lady who overfeeds you and makes sure everything is good in your life. Well, Granny is not your typical grandma. She’s mean, ugly, and wields a wooden bat to take you out at any second! You must use every resource you can, from hiding in wardrobes to setting up traps, to stay alive for five days in this madhouse of terror. But, watch out, Granny can hear your every move and will hunt you down to the very end.

Scary Chat Stories- Free and Hooked with Addicted

Perhaps, you don’t have the heart to play horror games with all the spooky jumpscares and difficult missions. I know I surely don’t! Sometimes I’d rather read an interesting book that gives my vivid imagination chills. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love Scary Chat Stories. It’s a free reading app that offers hundreds of addictive stories to read all in the forms of text like stories. There are no pauses in between stories either.

You can read as much as like and there are numerous genres to choose from as well. Each story consists of engrossing, fear mongering messages and sometimes pictures to make things more realistic. And if you get tired of strictly horror tales you can always switch the genre up to romance, comedy, or anything else you can think of! Curl up with some nice apple cider and find yourself a good, scary story to enjoy for the night.

Goosebumps Night of Scares

For all you Goosebumps lovers, players beware you’re in for a scare! Goosebumps Night of Scares is a surprisingly gorgeous graphic 3D horror adventure based on the most recent Goosebumps movie. All of the classic villains are there from old Goosebumps stories: Slappy, the Beast from the East, you name it. In this fun game, you play as R.L Stine himself and are tasked with collecting pages of the books in order to trap Slappy and all the other monsters in their tales for good. Each level becomes increasingly difficult as more monsters are unleashed and more pages need to be collected. Hide from a terrifying clown, avoid laser eyed robots, and find all the pages in one piece to end Slappy’s reign once and for all.

See some scary games you might want to download? Let us know which games you enjoy best on this list and always visit Culture of Gaming for more spooky news on games!

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