5 Mobile Games for Your Morning Commute

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Biking, walking, driving, buses and trains – whether your commute a ten-minute jaunt or a several hour slog, boredom and fatigue affect us all. Sometimes there’s just one too many people crowded in the carriage, their butt and fashionable man bag all up in your face. Sometimes, there are one too many screaming children. And sometimes, hell, all the time, you’d much rather just be in bed.

Here are five mobile games to change your mind. Make the most out of your commute this year; it’s time to battle, puzzle and catch your way to success.

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1. Candy Crush Soda Saga

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Colorful, dazzling and satisfying, the Candy Crush games have been a hit since their release. Soda Saga takes that same successful formula and throws a few sugary spanners in the mix. The core game mechanics are the same as they have always been – it’s the sprinkles and cream on top that make the difference. Earn rewards, beat levels and connect with friends all while stuck in traffic. Delicious!

2. Fortunes of Ra

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Take to the tombs of ancient Egypt in this slot based experience included in the selection of William Hill online games. One of many themed casino games, it takes players through sun and sand to the possibility of jackpot treasure. Trigger the bonus if you dare for extra spins then make a leap for gold. Tomb raiding is available wherever there’s a 3G connection. So pretty much everywhere, these days!

3. Arena of Valor

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Arena of Valor takes the MOBA genre to mobile itself, shrinking down heroes, minions , nd mages to the touchscreen. A solid connection is vital with games like these – trains or buses with their own Wi-Fi would be best. You play as a part of a team, matched up against other players in a strategic tower defence. Fight, die, respawn and fight again in a tactical clash of button mashing.

4. Fortnite Battle Royale
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Ported from console and computer to your very own mobile phone, Fortnite Battle Royale is mayhem in a game. Play alone, play with friends, play with your environment. In Fortnite, you hunt for weapons, break down buildings and build up your own on a whim. It’s arcade-y. It’s colourful. It’s a royale with real personality. Although the controls can be a little difficult at times, especially if you have a smaller screen, this shooter runs wonderfully on middle-level hardware and up, with tablets being the ideal platform for players on their daily trip to work. The hours will fly by in no time.

5. Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go has come a long way since its release back in summer 2016. Developer Niantic has ironed out the bugs, improved features and gone so far as to release whole new generations of critters into the world. It’s still competitive. It’s still alive. It’s still flourishing. Hunt for legendaries, raise a Pikachu and battle gyms to your heart’s content wherever you are in the world. Locations on your commute can provide valuable rewards and new catching opportunities, so long as you pay attention during the drive by!

Whatever your game, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings and environment during the commute. Safety comes first, with the best entertainment, apps and games close behind in second.

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