With the viewership of eSports growing every year, video games are becoming more and more popular, and more and more individuals are taking part in video game gambling. There are fun and competitive championships that occur yearly for these games, and they offer increasing betting opportunities and odds that allow gamblers to play video games for money.

The popularity of these games has led to a growing market and multiple betting options with betting sites and casinos. When choosing a bookmaker, looking for safe and reliable banking options, generous bonuses for new and existing gamblers, and dedicated customer support.

Experts from CasinoTopNZ have prepared for you these are the top eSports video games to bet on. These games have a vast following and exciting odds that you can take advantage of.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Undoubtedly the best game to stake on in the eSports category, CS: GO has a huge fan following and a broader community than most other games. The highly competitive game was launched over 20 years ago, but its fan base increases every year.

Hone your skills with casual gameplay. Using YouTube tutorials, you can learn the gameplay, maps, mechanics, and meta. You can also learn common techniques and strategies for competitive gameplay across varying matchups and championship rules.

Perfect your skills and enter tournaments to advance to Global Elite. Get proactive and increase your chances of winning a massive payout. Stake on singles, doubles, trebles, accumulators, and more.

Use the proportional betting strategy to manage your bankroll and avoid too many risks; set a certain percentage of your total bank and stick to it. Monitor statistics and player ELO for pre-match strategy; keep track of squad efficiency and player performance. Avoid loss recovery strategies like the martingale strategy that promise profits over an extended period because they do not consider the game’s technical variance or upset.

Once you get it, you can try live betting, which is high risk but gives better rewards. Ensure you use a reliable bookmaker with fantastic odds and fair wagering requirements for competition promotions and bonuses.


This eSport from Blizzard Entertainment gives you the best of both worlds by combining elements of the Multiplayer Online Battle (MOBA) and the First-Person Shooter (FPS) genres. The gameplay of this fast-paced eSport heavily depends on the player’s skills, ability, and teamwork.

Casual gameplay is called Arcade Games and has three modes; Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Elimination. The competitive scene requires a squad of six pro players for these modes; Assault, Escort, Hybrid, and Control. Bettors can make five wagers: money-line, special, accumulator, in-play, and outright.

The video gaming season sees teams broken into conferences and follows a traditional league system coordinated by the Overwatch League (OWL). If you are looking for an eSports game you can play for lucrative betting, this is good.

Dota 2

With over 10 million fans worldwide, Defence of the Ancients 2 is an eSport that belongs to the MOBA genre. The Dota Professional Circuit hosts 25 big championships yearly for the numerous professional teams that exist, and at the end of this circuit, there is a championship. This global championship sees 16 teams from 6 regions, including South America, Southeast Asia, North America, CIS, Europe, and China, come to compete for huge prizes.

Take time to research these matches and contests you are betting for, when they are set to happen, what teams are competing, which to bet on, and the best ways to win. Stake on the event winner or the first player or squad to get first blood. You should also learn about the teams and the league to place well-informed bets.

You can stake on an event’s result, on an occurrence during the event, such as a player getting five consecutive kills (rampage), or on the team to be the first to do something like killing Roshan. You can also stake on the tournament winner, finalist, and even event statistics.

If you enjoy the gameplay and want to get more engaged, you can try live Dota 2 betting, which allows you to stake during live action.

Betting at online casinos for eSports gambling is fun and very lucrative. You should look for great odds when betting on the games. The best bookmakers would provide fascinating betting options and fair gambling markets.

Call of Duty

Another exciting FPS franchise with new title releases every year; COD is a competitive platform. This fast-paced fan favourite has several game modes, like Death Match and Battle Royale, Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, and Warzone.

The biggest tournament you can wager on is the Call of Duty League (CDL) which sees many teams battle on the COD Vanguard platform. World Series of Warzone is another exciting international competition that sees teams battle on the Battle Royale platform.

The gameplay does not depend on too many tactics; instead, betting strategies focus on player skill. Upsets are quite common here, which means fissure predictions are challenging, but research into the gameplay, participants, and teams would give you an edge.

Bet on video games like this that promise tons of competition and opportunities for fantastic betting odds that can increase your bankroll.

League of Legends

This eSport by Riot Games has an insane following and a highly active community. With an increment in viewership, a competitive events calendar, and many events every week.

This is another game that belongs to the MOBA genre, which means it is dependent on an objective and not rounds or duration. The simple objective here is for one group to destroy the other group’s base, which means gameplay can last for up to an hour in some cases.

You can enjoy watching the gameplay and start staking once you get or hang on to it, and you can also participate in this highly addictive game. Remember to follow the game meta and patch notes using betting strategies that you can learn from eSport insiders on YouTube.

Whether you are experienced at video game betting or not, you can bet on significant events like the League of Legends World Championships (LOL World), Regional Championships, and Mid-Season Invitational (MIL)

Stake on gameplay duration to determine whether the game would exceed a period or what duration it would last. Betting can also be on the first squad to take the “first blood,” the first kill, or on “first to take baron,” a stake on the group that kills the first Baron Nashor of the game.

But if betting doesn’t interest you, slots can be a great alternative. You can find many video game-themed slots and play them. And to make it profitable, you can get free spins for $1 Canada at an online casino and try to win the jackpot with minimal risk. The format of such slots has always been popular among fans of video games. So this is a great option.

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Betting on eSports can be very lucrative if you do it right. When setting wagers on the games and tournaments, you have to keep your fandom aside. Leave your emotions out of your decision-making, and use only research and careful strategies to pick bets.

You need to constantly watch the matches and championships of these eSports, as that is the only way to understand the gameplay and the winning strategies. When selecting eSports betting sites, you should always look out for licences, reputation, payout speed, and a user-friendly interface to stake using any device.

Have a safe and fun adventure making real money on eSports and an excellent online betting experience!

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