With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to get in the holiday spirit by appreciating some Christmas levels in video games. Unlike movies, video games don’t have whole products devoted to the holidays. They do, however, put levels and sections in games that exude the Christmas spirit. There are a few exceptions, of course, where a Christmas setting dominates an entire game’s aesthetic, but those games won’t be making it onto this list.

Some of these levels are in a game’s main campaign. Others are DLC added to games around the holiday. These entries are in no particular order, and all a game had to do to appear on this list was have a level or section of their game that was completely devoted to Christmas. This means it can’t just be snowy and around the holiday season – the level has to be Christmas themed, with decorations, music, and all! 

So, pour yourself some eggnog, snuggle up by the fire, and get into the Christmas spirit with the five best Christmas levels in video games. 

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Saints Row 4 – How the Saints Save Christmas

Saints Row 4 How the Saints Saved Christmas

Source: Steam

You should play Saints Row 4 if you are looking for a silly way to spend your time this Christmas. This DLC covers the Saints as they attempt to save Christmas by defeating Santa Claus’s alter-ego, Clawz. Yes, this is a game dripping with subtlety. 

The DLC’s approach to the holiday is hilarious. Santa is portrayed as a loser, and the traditions and myths of the special day being twisted in humorous and clever ways. The aesthetics are completely Chrismas-oriented, and the combat is as fun as it has ever been. This is just a truly entertaining way to spend the holiday. 

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist – American Consumption

Splinter Cell: Blacklist - American Consumption

Source: Splinter Cell Fandom

Awww, assassinations have always been an essential part of the holidays. I remember my first: Christmas, 2013, playing Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

In order to prevent a plot to poison a water filtration plant, Sam infiltrates a building that, you guessed it, is inundated with Christmas decor. You must sneak, incapacitate, and kill your way through the level. It is business as usual for Sam, except that we like to imagine he’s feeling the Christmas spirit on the job. 

Christmas music plays during the mission, putting a delightful spin on the violence taking place. Also, decorations and Christmas trees can be used as hiding places. Christmas has never been so deadly!

Borderlands 2 – How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

Borderlands 2 - How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

Source: IGN

Another rather silly entry, Borderlands 2’s DLC, provides a short but fun experience set in an amazing land devoted to celebrating Mercenary Day. Mercenary Day is the Borderlands equivalent of Christmas, so you are practically trying to save Christmas when you find out that the city has been hijacked by a giant, evil snowman. 

In exploring the winter-wonderland, you will fight snowmen, yetis, and robots (no holiday is complete without robots, of course!). You will help some of the elves of the town prepare for the coming holiday and listen to yourself, and other main characters react to the situation in hilarious ways. It is a joy to play, and a good bet if you are looking to laugh this Christmas. 

Bully – Chapter 3

Bully Christmas

Source: SecretYoungLink007 on Youtube

Bully is a very underappreciated part of Rockstar’s legacy, and the game also contains the developer’s best Christmas content. Chapter 3 of the game begins shortly before Christmas and takes us through the holiday, up until Spring. This gives the player plenty of time to get up to no good – it is the reason you play Bully, after all – but to do it all in a holiday-themed fashion. 

You can throw snowballs at people, get into a fight with a group of elves, or help a drunk Santa. The range of Christmas tasks available to the player is stunning, and every single option is a fun one. Also, the missions match the festivity the world creates, and so it is impossible to escape the Christmas spirit during this section of the game. 

Hitman: Blood Money – You Better Watch Out….

Hitman: Blood Money - You Better Watch Out...

Source: Willzyyy on Youtube

Ever wanted to kill someone as Santa? No? Just me?

Well, in case you are interested, that is exactly what you can do in Hitman: Blood Money’s mission, You Better Watch Out. The level takes place at a very elaborate and undoubtedly expensive Christmas party. Additionally, this party is hosted, so it’s littered with scantily clothed men and women. Luckily, you have the opportunity to make everything a bit more adult with some bloodshed. 

Everything is Christmas-themed in this mission. The game offers an insane amount of freedom with how you approach your mission. For example, Santa likes to get drunk, so feel free to use that to your advantage. So, although it might not be the most traditional Christmas level, it’s perfect if you’re looking for something more mature this holiday. 

And those are 5 of the best Christmas levels in video games in no particular order. What do you think? What holiday levels do you think should be included? Do you think there should be more holiday-themed sections in video games? Let us know in the comments below!

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