5 3DS Games and Series that Should get Switch Ports

The Nintendo 3DS is the handheld that has started to fade away due to the ever growing popularity of the Nintendo Switch. Many feel that the device has become obsolete and that Nintendo should focus all of their resources on the newest console. Despite your stand on the issue, there’s no denying that the 3DS still has an amazing library of games. If Nintendo does eventually decide to dedicate everything to the Switch, they should definitely consider porting some 3DS classics so that newcomers can enjoy and experience them. Sure, there would probably need to be some tweaking in resolution and UI for some of these games, but that doesn’t change the fact that they would sell well to those who missed out on the 3DS. With that said, here are five games/series that should definitely get switch ports.

Monster Hunter Stories

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For those of you who don’t know, Monster Hunter Stories is a 3DS installment to the Monster Hunter franchise that took a different take on the classic concept of the series. In this game, you play as a rider who, rather than hunt monsters, befriends monsters and uses them in battle. This game is basically a cross between Monster Hunter and Pokémon. Not only does the game take a different concept on Monster Hunter, but it strays away visually as well. Monster Hunter Stories uses a more fantasy-like art style with vibrant colors, making it a beautiful game. With this in mind, this RPG would make a great addition to the Switch library. The gameplay is simple enough for both veterans and newcomers, the visuals are gorgeous to look at, and the story is interesting enough to keep players engaged.

The Mario and Luigi Series

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With Nintendo deciding to skip over Partners in Time in favor of Bowser’s Inside Story, it’s currently hard to determine the next Mario and Luigi game to receive the remake treatment. Regardless, the next remake, whether it be Dream Team or Paper Jam, should make the transition from the 3DS to the Switch. This RPG series within the Mario universe has always managed to blend simple gameplay and great story telling in a way that keeps players coming back, and therefore a remake on the Switch would sell extremely well. Not only that, but putting the next remake on the new console would tide fans who want a new game in the series over until it eventually happens. It just seems like a no-brainer to include this series on an HD system like the Switch.

Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer

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The Bravely Default series made a lasting mark on many 3DS owners. The unique and gorgeous visuals alone for both games left players in admiration. The RPG elements were also a big hit, with many areas to explore and beautiful stories told in a classic JRPG fashion. These games were a blessing to JRPG fans out there who wanted a call back to the classic Final Fantasy gameplay. Now imagine how great a Bravely Default Bundle would be on the Switch. To see the beautiful art style in stunning HD would truly make fans of this franchise happy. It would also be perfect timing too, since the developers of this series also worked on the upcoming Octopath Traveler. It would promote those who never played the Bravely Default games to give them a try, given that both games have similar elements in gameplay.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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We all know that there are people who are dying for the next 2D Zelda game. With Breath of the Wild still fairly recent, however, it seems unlikely that a new game will come anytime soon. What simple solution could keep fans happy until then? Easy, bringing the last 2D game to the Switch. A Link Between Worlds is arguably one of the best Zelda games. It took inspiration from A Link to the Past and put its own spin on it, that mainly being the ability to turn into a drawing and travel inside walls. This new mechanic created unique ways to traverse dungeons and solve puzzles, which caused it to become a major success. The ability to play this game on the TV would surely bring fans of the game to buy a Switch version and keep them entertained until the next 2D Zelda game.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

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Kid Icarus: Uprising brought the winged hero Pit back into relevancy with a new and exciting adventure. Unfortunately, the game didn’t do so well financially. While it became a cult classic to some, the uncomfortable controls and occasional graphical issues held the game from performing to its fullest potential. With that in mind, Kid Icarus: Uprising still had its high points. It had addicting gameplay, a lovable and hilarious cast of characters, and amazing world design. This should be enough to give the game a second chance on the Switch. The graphics can be tuned to run smoothly on the more powerful system, and the controls can be reworked to incorporate the second joy-stick that the 3DS lacked. With all these fixes, along with some added content, it seems like a given that Kid Icarus: Uprising would garner the success it deserved the first time around.

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