The gaming industry has earned worldwide popularity over the years. It continues to thrive, and it gives people the opportunity to reap its benefits. 

At some point, you might have been discouraged from playing video games because of their negative impacts. But, on the contrary, playing video games is highly recommended.

The advantages of video games go beyond eye-hand coordination and entertainment. Here are four reasons why you should play video games.

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Better Surgeons

You might be wondering how video games produce better surgeons, right? You probably want your surgeon to focus on medical research instead of playing video games, but nothing could be further from the truth.

A study on small incision experts found that those who played at least three hours a week made fewer errors during procedures than non-gaming colleagues.

In regards to this, video games improve visual attention, fine motor skills, and eye-hand coordination. Nothing else can bring out a more competent surgeon than these traits.

With that said, it would be best if parents did not view this as beneficial if their children play video games for over an hour daily. Spending a lot of time on video games will reduce their chances of getting into medical school.

Help Make New Social Connections

Some people view video gamers as lonely and antisocial, but that’s quite the opposite. The multiplayer options online have paved the way to a new platform of socializing. You can interact with many people.

You can communicate through online chats, video calls, or even share your mailing address for business or personal interactions.

Moreover, studies show that video games can influence friends to meet in person. At least 70% of players keep in touch with other players.

Today, many students in various institutions always have video games as their topic of discussion. They may talk about their gaming skills, the newest game in town, and their overall gaming experience.

On the other hand, people who struggle socially in real life may also find trouble socializing online. Fortunately, an interest in video games can help antisocial people come up with topics to talk over.

Might Slow Down the Aging Process

Brain games involving problem-solving and puzzle components have a positive impact on older players.

With video games, you will experience improved speed and quality mental processing abilities. As a result, the active brain will postpone the natural weakening of some cognitive skills.

To achieve this, you can challenge yourself with brain games for at least two hours per week. This act will help reduce the degree of mental decay involved with the aging process. 

Add some brain-teasing games to your weekly routine, and your body will thank you for it.

Improved Vision

In the old generation, the elderly would warn you against sitting too close to the television. This is because they believed it would damage your eyesight. 

Luckily, scientists have however found that moderated video games may refine your vision. You can achieve this by playing high-density video games like Medal of Honor and Halo.

These video games will need you to focus on fast-action-moving objects across the screen. As a result, you can easily read small prints, recognize faces and follow moving dots in tests.

Your body experiences an adrenaline rush that promotes additional brain activity, which improves visual acuity.


Video games have their pros and cons. But, when used moderately, they can do more good than harm. You can improve your psychological and physical health with video games. Install a video game on your computer and reap the benefits.

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