Since the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the gaming community has been abuzz with its new and abundant content. One feature in particular has drawn much attention: the Spirit Board. Here, players can partake in battles in order to acquire spirits that randomly appear on the board. The interesting part, however, comes from the recent Spirit Events that Nintendo has initiated.

As the name implies, these events cause certain spirits to show up more frequently on the Spirit Board for a set period of time. This allows players to battle for spirits that fit the theme of the event. For example, Nintendo recently did an event where glasses-wearing spirits appeared.

As the concept is still new, there are plenty of themes that can become Spirit Events. That’s why we’ve decided to discuss some possible ideas for Spirit events; take your pick, Nintendo.

1. Animal Sidekicks

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Animal sidekicks are abundant in the gaming industry, so having an event inspired by them seems straightforward. Nintendo has a boatload of source material to choose from for this, such as Poochy from the Yoshi series or Rush from Mega Man. Heck, the entire Pokémon franchise basically consists of animal sidekicks. Of course, there will likely be some limitations due to the amount of animal-based fighters on the roster, but that’s a small matter. The most likely fighters that would represent animal sidekick spirits would include characters such as Duck Hunt and Yoshi.

2. Villainous Minions

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We always see the good guys and the bad bosses get all the love, but what about the henchmen? Don’t they deserve some time to shine? Think about it, so many minions exist within gaming, it would make this Spirit Event loaded with content. From Mario to Sonic, gaming minions exist in almost any franchise. This theme would prove easy to pull off too, seeing as the diversity of henchmen in video game history would provide plenty of methods to incorporate the fighter roster. This idea presents so much of a gold mine, that we’re surprised that Nintendo hasn’t already announced this for their next event!

3. Retro Video Game Mascots

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This one would require a little bit of creativity, but we feel that it would be interesting nonetheless. Imagine seeing spirits like Bubsy the Bobcat and Gex the Gecko in Smash! That would be pretty cool, right? This theme would also provide a wide use of the fighter roster, as retro mascots were diverse back in the day. We could see Charizard represent Spyro the Dragon, or Duck Hunt portray Banjo and Kazooie. The possibilities are endless! Though this particular theme may have a low chance of ever appearing, we still think the idea offers some creativity that would be enjoyed by many players.


What themed Spirit Events would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow us on all our social media pages. For more content, check out our articles on the Most Disappointing Games of 2018 or The Slow Suffocation of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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