Although the mobile gaming industry is growing seemingly every day, and there are now billions of people who play using their phones as well as, or perhaps instead of, a console, there are still many more people who haven’t ever considered making this switch. Their phones are for social media, for texting, maybe for phone calls too, but gaming? No. That’s what the consoles and PCs are for. 

Yet since the mobile gaming industry is absolutely booming and more and more games are being released that can only be enjoyed via phone, for those who have never tried it before, perhaps now is the time for mobile gaming to enter your life. Here are some of the reasons to embrace this style of gaming; they might just surprise you. 

Thousands Of Games 

One of the best reasons for playing games on your mobile is that there are many thousands of games to choose from, with more being developed all the time. You can even sign up with Playedge and download a huge variety of games that are solely developed for the mobile gaming market. 

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This means that, rather than playing a game that was originally made to be played on a console or computer and then transferred to the mobile realm (which can lead to glitches and uneven gameplay), the games are made with the mobile user in mind. They are easier to control, they run faster, and they are optimized for smaller screens. All in all, this means that playing games on your phone is much better now than it has ever been before. 

Portable Gaming 

Although there are handheld gaming devices available, there is nothing quite so portable as the smartphone. This is something you will have with you anyway, so you won’t have to carry additional consoles with you when you head out – you’ll only need your phone. Plus, since you can be connected to wifi almost anywhere, and have data to use if you can’t find any wifi, you can download new games or play existing ones whenever and wherever you want to.

If you only have 10 minutes to spare and you want to get some gaming in, you can do so easily using your smartphone. On the bus, in your lunch break, waiting for the kids to come out of school, in the doctor’s surgery… all of these places and almost every other you can think of will give you a chance to play if you’re part of the mobile gaming revolution. 

Compatible Controllers 

When you think of mobile gaming, you’ll probably imagine touchscreen controls. Although this will be what you need to use for most mobile games, if this doesn’t suit you, there are now ways that you can connect gaming controllers to your phone so that you can play the games you enjoy more traditionally.

Why is this a bonus? It means that the only additional outlay you’ll need to invest in is buying a controller and lead (or a Bluetooth controller if you have a little more in your budget). You won’t have to buy an entire games console, and since you’re more than likely going to have a smartphone already, once you have the controller you can start playing for a fraction of the usual price. 

Controllers for the Xbox and the Playstation are already compatible with mobile gaming, with more to come. 

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