3 Hidden Gems On Amazon Prime Video For Gamers

Amazon takes an interesting approach in terms of promoting its original shows on Prime Video. Sometimes, it just seems to forget about them! Yes, shows like The Man In The High Castle and The Boys have gotten a lot of marketing and attention. But other big-budget shows with incredible casts, like Hunters and Jack Ryan, won’t enter your radar unless you’re actively looking for new content.

Which is why there are a lot of hidden gems on Prime Video that you may be missing out on. If you don’t have access to all Prime content in your country, you should use a VPN. A VPN will route you through an external server, protecting your data and allowing you to evade geo-restrictions. Read more about the best VPNs for Amazon Prime.

Here are 3 hidden gems on Amazon Prime Video that will get gamers excited.

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1. Hunters

Hunters, executive produced by Jordan Peele and starring Al Pacino, is an incredible series about a group of vigilantes hunting Nazis in America in the seventies. It sheds a kind of superhero glow on a handful of survivors (and the grandson of a survivor), using comic book references to portray the desperation of the oppressed for a hero during the Holocaust.

If you love playing RPG games that combine action and clue chasing, Hunters is the ideal show. Alongside Al Pacino is Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) and Josh Radnor (Ted from How I Met Your Mother). There are some truly unexpected twists, and many heart-wrenching moments acted with aplomb and delicacy by the experts.

2. Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

If you are uninitiated in the science-fiction of the twentieth century, Philip K. Dick is one of the masters. He wrote the books which inspired Blade Runner, Minority Report, and The Man In The High Castle. Even if you loved those movies and series, the books are so much denser and more satisfying.

Which is why Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is so welcome. This anthology series is made up of different stories drawn from the ideas in his writing, if not always his stories themselves. It gives the writers and directors the space to work through the concepts one of the early sci-fi geniuses brought to life, without having to force them in one or another direction.

For lovers of futuristic games, this series will scratch an itch you didn’t realize you had.

3. Upload

2020 has not given us much to celebrate, but Upload gives us a great break from our current dystopian nightmare by throwing us into another. The concept is fairly simple. Our protagonist dies and is uploaded into an AI afterlife by his girlfriend’s rich family. This afterlife is driven by capitalist principles – you need to spend money to get different benefits (and even snacks).

It also draws on a lot of video game tropes, including a black market where you can get cheat codes and freebies. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than the main character realizes, and this, along with a living love interest, drives the story forward.

Give it a watch. You won’t regret the time spent in this strange and never boring world.

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