Today, KillHouse Games’s off-the-walls 2D shooter Door Kickers: Action Squad has left Steam’s Early Access program. Inspired by games like Hotline Miami and Rainbow Six Siege, Action Squad puts the player in the position of an FBI tactical operator. They must maneuver through an enclosed area (such as a train or house) and take down terrorists and other potential threats through a mix of careful tactical placement and intense shootouts. Players must pick and choose their assortment of loadouts, whether it be a shield, pistol, grenade, laser, or flamethrower. And of course, all of this is only complemented by the game’s arcade-style graphics and side-scrolling perspective.

Action Squad has been on Steam’s Early Access program since 2017, offering initial adopters multiplayer both through online and local couch co-op. And while the Early Access version had a reasonable 24 levels to blast through, the full release update gives players exactly 60, in addition to a plethora of new weapons and enemies to shoot down. That’s a sizeable chunk of content, considering the full release only costs $13.99 USD.

This isn’t KillHouse Games’s first tactical shooter. The original Door Kickers, released in 2014, was a top-down FBI shooter similar to the follow-up, and even more similar to 2012’s Hotline Miami. Slow-paced, methodical timing was Door Kickers‘ strongest suit – sure, there were high-stakes gunplay situations, but it all played out in front of the player as they dictated their squad’s moves. Door Kickers currently sits at a 9/10 on Steam, and at the current trajectory, it’s seeming like its sequel might fare even better than that.

You can check out Door Kickers: Action Squad on Steam right here, and its predecessor, Door Kickers, over here. For more on indie games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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