Genre definitions often become muddied in the gaming realm, as more and more titles pile into the same category, usually for marketing reasons. For example, the Roguelike genre became so muddied and so far beyond the original 1980 Rogue they had to separate some of the games into a second […]

With the continuation of Sony’s ‘Days of Play’ price promotions and improved hardware bundle offers, we are seeing a very familiar chart to that of last week. Maintaining their podium positions are ‘Fifa 19’ in first, ‘Day’s Gone’ in second and ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ in third. ‘Forza Horizon 4’ speeds its way from No12 to No4 in the all formats charts. ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ moves down one spot to No5 and ‘Battlefield V’ jumps up from No11 to No6. Unfortunately there are no new additions to the all formats charts this week.