E3 2019 has been an adventure so far. Filled with good and bad shows that entertained, even if by mere cringe. The information coming in is like a dam has opened up and is flooding everything around us. However, nothing has flooded you with quite as much information as the […]

Inverge Studios‘ Effie is a current-gen indie 3D action-adventure platformer. The studio’s first foray into the console market is a modern throwback combining classic genre elements with an open world. Effie tries to remind gamers why they love platformers, but is it enough to garner recognition among other modern platformers? […]

Marvel’s Avengers got a trailer, a release date, and four developers? The Avengers Project was one of the most highly anticipated games going into E3 2019. Square Enix, who had been radio silent about the project for over two years, finally announced that they had content to show from the […]