Starting today and ending on June 24th, everyone will have a chance to purchase Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 for a percentage off all versions of the game. Ubisoft announced the big Division 2 sale happening with the game’s different ports below. The PC version of the game is currently […]

The Uncharted movie has been talked about since 2008. Avi Arad announced that year that he was working on the film along side Sony. The film has been in development Hell since that time with little progress made towards production. Finally we have some information regarding casting and a release […]

8K (7680 x 4320 pixels) is an absurdly high ultra resolution. Especially when it comes to gaming. With the next gen offerings coming from Sony and Microsoft somewhat confirmed or rumored to be capable of outputting 8K resolution, it’s time to ask. Do we even need 8K in our lives? […]

With Microsoft picking up five third-party studios like it was Christmas at E3 2018, and with recent rumours circulating the idea of Microsoft picking one or two more game studios at this year’s E3, an interesting question arises. Are third-party acquisitions bad for the gaming industry? Well, my fellow readers, […]