Devil May Cry 5 is probably one of the greatest games of 2019. The game features Nero, a Devil Hunter along with the true Devil Hunter Dante, and a mysterious man named V. Ever since the game came out and everyone’s been able to beat it, people have been wondering […]

Summer is almost here, and with it comes a wave of new video game releases. Nintendo is set to have a packed release schedule, so it’s guaranteed to extend far past the summer. But we also have an array of third-party titles to get our hands on. Borderlands 3 (September 13th, […]

Drew McCoy, executive producer for Apex Legends, has revealed Respawn Entertainment‘s plans for the future of their battle royale. In an EA blog post, McCoy explains that issues tend to arise with such a massive influx of players. Apex Legends‘ development team plans on prioritizing problems with server performance, cheaters, […]

Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing is taking aim at the spacecraft shooter genre. Bow to Blood came out on April 3rd with a price tag of $19.99. If you’re looking to get it a bit cheaper, the developers over at Tribetoy are offering it for ten percent off for the time being. […]

Bungie‘s Destiny series is renowned for its gunplay, and some of its most iconic weapons are its hand cannons. As a looter shooter, Destiny‘s weapons have different rarities, ranging from common all the way up to exotic. But Destiny 2‘s most infamous hand cannons aren’t actually exotic — they’re legendary. […]

Recently, EVE Online’s Council of Stellar Management (CSM) had a bit of a debacle. Icelandic developer CCP removed real-life politician and in-game council member Brian Schoeneman (known in-game as Brisc Rubal), and two of his compatriots from the ten-person council. CCP had originally accused him of breaking a non-disclosure agreement. […]