As a comic collector when I had a question about a particular character in the past I would pull out issues of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe or Who’s Who in the DC Universe to find the piece of information or answer I was looking for. Those resources were also great templates for use in the Marvel Super Heroes or DC Heroes role playing, table top games.

Developers at Studio MDHR have recently released their biggest update for Cuphead. This patch includes character selections, new animations, bug fixes, and more. Fans who enjoyed playing as Mugman in co-op will be thrilled to see that he is now playable in the Single Player. But if you were hoping […]

Think of the most video game-like situation you can think of off the top of your head. Do you think of challenging enemies, aliens, zombies, guns, and explosions? Then there is a chance I think you will like Zombotron. Zombotron is a game that has hit Steam, but originally it […]