The titular 3D anime fighting game Jump Force might not have quite the impact of last year’s Dragon Ball FighterZ, but Bandai Namco continues to update it with regular content. Just today, they announced the remaining DLC cast. Among the newcomers to the roster are characters from already-represented anime like […]

Issa López’s stunning dark fairy tale – Tigers Are Not Afraid – will be premiering on Shudder, the horror streaming service, later this year. Tigers Are Not Afraid tells the gripping story of orphans living through the Mexican drug wars. The movie is told through the children’s eyes, which is […]

It’s here! The PS5 will be getting ready for launch in 2019! Unexpectedly, the PS5 will be coming to the masses a lot quicker than any of its predecessors. Mark Cerny, the designer of the PS4, has developed the latest features to ensure maximum efficiency and quality. Features including: solid […]

At $50 USD, the Tritton Kunai Pro Dirac USB Gaming Headset enters a sea of relatively expensive headsets. With similar offerings from Corsair and Razer coming in between $80 and $100 USD respectively, how can the Kunai Pro offer a similar feature set but at almost half the cost? With seemingly “compromised” […]

There are few games that scratch an itch like ones that involve destroying as many enemies on screen as you can with your overpowered weaponry. You may be forgiven for not being familiar with Earth Defense Force, as the series advertises itself to a mainly Japanese market. But as time […]

Dragon’s Dogma originally released in 2012 and was developed and published by Capcom. A year later, a new and improved version titled Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen was released. Since then it has been ported to the Xbox One and Playstation 4, with a release for the Nintendo Switch slated for April 23rd this year. That wasn’t the only time […]

Yes, I know that Guitar Hero did try to stage another comeback not too long ago but hear me out. Guitar Hero and Rock Band created a movement and fad which incorporated the immersive power of video games and music. Rhythm games burned brightly for a good number of years during the […]

Popular streamers OhNickel and Fareeha recently hosted a live-stream at Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters. This was to commemorate the launch of the cooperative narrative mode Storm Rising, which is available until May 6. In the stream, Overwatch lead Jeff Kaplan confirmed (and de-confirmed) a few of the ever-popular FPS’s upcoming (or […]