Door Kickers: Action Squad Review

Just with one glance at this game, you can tell that it is made for some co-op shenanigans.  They even make a point to show how boring and pointless playing by yourself would be in the trailer.  So with that in mind, I dive into Door Kickers: Action Squad with my friend, Continue Reading

Atlas Mega Update

Atlas ‘Mega Update’ to save the game from extinction?

Massively Multiplayer Online game Atlas has just received a ‘Mega Update,’ which includes new environments, items, and challenges. The developers have seemingly redesigned the world itself, adding “40% more islands/landmass & new world map layout.” Also a redesign of the claim system for colonies, “with more progress-protecting and time-enforced PvP Continue Reading

Walt Disney Company Reveals New Info for Disney+

On April 11, the Walt Disney Company revealed their new streaming service, Disney+ on their Investor Day Webcast and on their website. That’s right Disney, one of the most successful companies in the entertainment industry made a streaming service that will not only be cheaper than Netflix’s $12.99 monthly service Continue Reading