In Aragami, you take the role of an undead spirit of the same name. The game is a third person, stealth based action adventure. It also comes packaged with Aragami: Nightfall, a prequel of the story set just before the events of the base game. Instead of playing as Aragami, you instead play […]

Metro: Exodus was a long time coming. The Metro series hasn’t seen the light of day since the Redux versions of the first two games were released for Xbox One and PS4 in 2014. That’s five years for a game series that’s not extremely intricate. For a while, many fans didn’t believe we would see an ending to […]

Nintendo and Virtual Reality (VR) have never coincided with each other. Since the inception of VR, Nintendo has far from made the new medium a priority. While the company did have one lackluster attempt in the form of the Virtual Boy, Nintendo just didn’t seem to care about VR. That has recently changed […]