If you’re a fan of old-school shooters from the Quake and Unreal era of the 90’s, you should be delighted by 3D Realms’ next project. The original creators of the Duke Nukem franchise are making a throwback FPS called WRATH: Aeon of Ruin in the Quake engine. And yes, we […]

Virtual reality has received many criticisms since its release in 2016 such as it being just a fad, too expensive, and being just plain bulky. Well that was three years ago when VR was new with not too many games making full use of the VR experience. Well now it’s […]

The LEGO franchise, even before the first LEGO video games, were always about utilizing your imagination to create any world you would ever want to visit. Whether you wanted to be a hero, an explorer, or even just someone wanting to build a house out of the little bricks. From […]