BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION originally released for consoles in 2016, and now its Special Edition is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. It was developed and published by Arc System Works.  The original game was met with a lot of good reception, with Metacritic listing the game at a 84/100. The quality of the game is obvious, despite the […]

Three years after release, Ubisoft continues to support Rainbow Six Siege, and the latest set is the Australia-themed Burnt Horizon. Similar to their previous packs, this DLC will contain a new map and two operators. From the short teaser that Ubisoft uploaded earlier today, we can see the new map, […]

The AAA Gaming Industry has long ruled the flow of gaming for decades. Once sought out to be the best of the best in gaming experiences, the tables have turned dramatically in 2019. While quality games do still make their way to the public, the AAA industry has begun to […]

Many have probably experienced, at times, bad customer service from GameStop outlets in the past. Well, this may just be the luck of the draw, but so far my latest trips have been nothing short of a good time. The staff was super helpful and kind, and in the end […]