I have always enjoyed the Metal Gear franchise. It’s told a well-executed story that features an array of characters. Big Boss, Solid Snake, Ocelot, and several other characters featured great backstory that notched perfectly in place with the grand plot of the Metal Gear franchise. I enjoyed Metal Gear Solid V: […]

Recently, I played three Bethesda games one right after the other. This wasn’t done intentionally; it just kind of happened. It took me this long to realize how important Bethesda is. As the final game’s credits rolled, I thought to myself “wow, this company can do almost no wrong.” It […]

Today marks the start of the OverWatch League!  With it, 312 new skins have added, and even some news of Blizzard World’s release. Waiting Outside The Gates For Opening Day Blizzard World, OverWatch‘s next map has had people excited for what it will bring.  From a new Hybrid map to […]

The Metal Gear series of games has the reputation for being a driving force behind video games adopting more “cinematic” storytelling.  If 1998’s Metal Gear Solid was the pioneer of the cinematic game, then its sequel, 2001’s Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty showed the world what could be […]

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Following the events of Dishonored 2, Dishonored: The Peeress and The Price takes readers on a daring mission with the royal family of Dunwall, Emily Kaldwin and her father Corvo. A new threat is rising to take over their thrown and they will stop at nothing to end it. Staying true to […]

When you think of a video game character that seems to have done it all, you think of everyone’s favorite plumber in red: Mario. For more than 30 years, Mario has been the character that has gone well beyond his platforming games and has jumped into other genres all the […]

You voted! The polls have closed on Culture of Gaming’s Game of the Year 2017, and the results are pretty incredible! I think we all can agree that this last year was a fantastic one for gaming, and many categories were difficult to make a decision on. But overall, there […]

More games are being made today than ever before. Many, in fact, feel that too many high-quality games are being made to keep up with. As gamers, we often find ourselves feeling downtrodden at our inability to keep pace with what are often some densely-packed release schedules. It’s not just […]