Ever wonder about the hardships a squirrel goes through to gather the food it needs for the winter? Yeah, me neither, but an arcade style game about squirrels and dogs fighting over nuts sounds like fun. Let me introduce you to a little game called Save Your Nuts. Save Your […]

Thanks to rapid developments in technology, there are more and more online games available to enjoy than ever before. Whether this is from the comfort of your home or on the go, the sheer volume of gaming options available at your fingertips has created an online gaming world of endless […]

If you’re excited for Deep Silver’s post-apocalyptic game Metro: Exodus, you might want to snag a pre-order from GameStop’s site. Deep Silver recently announced that if you pre-order the Aurora Limited Edition of the latest Metro game at GameStop, you’ll get a real-life compass to guide your travels. The compass […]

We have seen a wide variety of fighting games, but none have had held a special place in our hearts like the Soul Calibur series. The first game itself was one of the most revolutionary titles ever. The home console not only outpaced the arcade version. It brought many huge […]

Paris Games Week is officially live with the first kick-off day starting yesterday (October 26th)! Currently one of the most popular and grandest game trade fairs in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, France, this year’s game week will be ongoing for five days and end October 30th. Game […]

As I look at my collection of video games boxes with video game cover art on my shelf from a time before digital only games, I notice something. I’m feeling many different things. First of all, it makes me smile that when I was a kid, I had to keep […]

Red Redemption II is available now to the public with all its rootin’ tootin’ cowboy shootin’ action. With it being easily the most hyped up video game of the year, let’s take a look at some great cowboys featured in video games (in no particular order). McCree (Overwatch) I am […]

The latest DLC pack for Insomniac’s Spider-Man, The Heist, has released on the PlayStation 4, and fans are gobbling it up. Spider-Man has garnered from reviews and fans all over, and The Heist appears to be more of the same. The problem arises when that more, comes with a price. The Heist is […]

Ever work in a factory? Ever work the assembly line? Well, I certainly have a game for you! It’s a game that has a simple concept, which is to construct and explore. The Colonists takes elements from The Settlers and Anno series, but does that mean it’s a better game? […]

Earlier this week, we discussed the Top Five Heroes In Gaming. However, we all know, a great hero is nothing without an equally notorious evildoer. A villain has no remorse for others and can pose the greatest threats to the forces of good. The greatest of villains, though, have unique qualities […]