Notice I believe honesty is crucial when it comes to reviews.  That is why I want to begin this article by saying that I was not able to spend as much time playing this game as I wanted to.  This was due to technical difficulties causing me to reset my […]

I praised Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for having a great story, engaging combat that felt like a great rhythm game, and for having tons of micro-managing that added additional hours to the game. The game did have a few flaws, like poor voice acting, mediocre graphics on the undocked version, and […]

October is here! Which means we’re officially in spooky season! It’s the perfect time to curl up, brew a cup of tea, and get ready for some scares. Now, understandably, some may not be on-board with the haunts, and that’s fine! But that doesn’t mean you should be left out […]

Do you enjoy being the most powerful being in video game worlds? How about having a fleet of highly trained warriors wrapped around your finger to protect you at all times? What about strategically deploying traps and elaborate defense units to steal resources or conquer opponents in a barren, hopeless […]

The annual GMTK Game Jam has finished for another year, and with it comes a whole load of FREE games! The Game Maker’s Toolkit YouTube channel is a brilliant channel that focuses on game and level design, gameplay features and game mechanics. As a result, a yearly event called the […]

Many gamers are split about the Halloween Terror event of Overwatch and Junkenstein’s Revenge. Out of personal experience, I find it to be a rather engaging horde mode and still is a great PvE mode alongside the Archives. Last year, the only new additions to the event were Symmetra as the […]