Stranger Things #1 Review

I may be dating myself here but when I was a kid comic book adaptations of feature films like Star Wars, Indiana Jones did really well simply because there were no streaming services, there were no VHS tapes or DVDs. Once a movie left the theatre, you had to wait a year or even more before a television network bought the rights and aired those films.

Red Sonja #20 Review

My first real exposure to the Red Sonja character was the 1985 movie starring Brigitte Nielsen as the battling barbarian. To those who are late to the party, female-led superhero films and TV shows started long before the current Marvel, DC franchises. Red Sonja, Tank Girl, Barb Wire and even television shows like the Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman and The Secrets of Isis headline a legacy that goes all the way back to the seventies.

Prismata Review

Prismata is certainly different, charismatic, and lacks charm. Sound all over the place? Well, not to those who had written the story it seems! We will be diving into the game’s mechanics and if it truly offers anything different opposed to most others of similar genre. It’s a fascinating game Continue Reading