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As a kid, my grandfather took me to see a re-release of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the 1954 Disney movie starring Kirk Douglas and Peter Lorre, based on the brilliant novel by Jules Verne. Besides the giant squid what I most remember about the movie were those old deep sea diving suits with the massive helmets. It must have been so awkward and uncomfortable being tethered by an air hose and lumbering around in those suits.

Possible Xbox Scarlett Details: Dual Console Release and Scarlett Cloud

Scarlett Rumors

About a month ago, some E3 leaks started circulating about Microsoft’s next Xbox console. No details were leaked other than the codename “Scarlett”. However, a recent article by Brad Sams of Thurrot may shine more light on the fourth-generation Xbox, or rather, Xboxes. According to Sams, Microsoft is planning to release two models of the […]

Google’s Rumored Console and What it Means for the Future of Gaming

Streaming: the ominous word looming over the gaming industry in 2018. As a new era of Netflix-style games-as-services make their way to the forefront, we’re all still undecided on whether it’s a good or bad thing. Will game-streaming’s ease of access make a frequent gamer’s life easier? Or will streaming mark the end of video […]

Top 5 Best Metal Heroes

With Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 releasing on July 24, the gaming world will get eight times the action of the reploid hero. I thought, what better time to celebrate the best heroes made of metal that the video game world has to offer? Why not celebrate with a list of robots? […]

Super Smash Bros Blog Summary July 16 To July 22

Smash Bros

Another week, another 7 days closer to death. Welcome to yet another week of posts on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Blog. This time around we got some more fighter videos, there was a cuddly-looking murderous bear, and a potentially blasphemous remix of the Snake Eater theme. Don’t worry, I’m suffering just as much as […]

Every Kingdom Hearts Game Ranked (Part 1)

Kingdom Hearts III will release in January of next year, giving newcomers the opportunity to play the previous games. If you are one of these newcomers and have already begun the process, then you’ve probably already realized that some Kingdom Hearts games shine brighter than others. Though some of this may come from visual limitations on […]